Playable WWE 13 characters in latest roster

THQ has yet to announce the full and official WWE 13 roster but this has not stopped certain details leaking as to what fighters will be appearing in the game later this year. While we have a good idea of that roster it’s not known which of them are playable, but we have reason to believe that Undertaker and Stone Cold will be two of them.

Looking at the full (rumored) WWE 13 roster which of those would you like to see as playable characters? THQ only announced the development of the game on May 30th, so we don’t expect them to rush themselves when it comes to sharing details of the roster, although we don’t expect them to make us wait as long as Rockstar have for the second Grand Theft Auto V trailer – well it’ll be too late by then.

We already have proof of this because THQ has already confirmed that the legend that is Mike Tyson will be getting into the ring later this year, so will be interesting to see what they do with him in WWE 13 – let’s hope they keep out the ear biting.

It’s hard to say what fighter will be the best addition because it all depends on what era you like and your favorite wrestler, but Chris Jericho should be at the top of your list because of the extensive move set he has, but it’s hard not to get excited over Tyson.

Looking at the roster which character is at the top of your list?


  • javion2012

    Goldberg should be in this game please put goldberg in the game

  • David

    what you said about xpac is wrong he has indeed recorded some voice over work and will be in wwe 13 its been confirmed

  • Jeff Blackwell


  • Amia Frazier

    plz let it look goo in wii

  • Aniket Mukherjee

    please on WWE 13

  • Solid

    chris beniot and the spining us championship

  • Jacob Cass

    No offense, but since WWE has blocked Benoit from everything (including when Michael Cole didn’t say Benoit was the 2nd Canadian to win the Royal Rumble), I doubt that they will put him in this game.

  • Dylanhamill

    eddie geurro


    You definitely need 2 put jeff hardy on wwe13