Skyrim Dawnguard creatures, combat and more

With just under a week to go until the first Skyrim DLC is released for Xbox 360 users more details have finally become available. Now there is extensive information on Dawnguard creatures, combat and so much more. Some gamers have already been enjoying the game thanks to their beta invites, and while it would have been nice for them to share some juicy details they had to abide by a NDA.

However, this has not stopped certain information coming to light, with Bethesda being generous with what they shared with us during E3. We have already shared details with you in regards to vampires, werewolves and also Dragonbone weapons, which will further improve combat within the game.

Crossbows are set to become the new bow and arrow, but there is a trade-off. This more powerful weapon is needed to combat the Vampire Lord, but the reload is much slower than a traditional bow and arrow – you just have to be more calculating when it comes to tackling your foe.

As for the new creatures in Dawnguard there are now Legendary Dragons, which are a maximum level Dragon class. That’s not all you will also have to battle Gargoyles, which can be summoned by the Vampire Lord along with Armored Trolls and Death Hounds.

While the first DLC is due for release on June 26th there is a chance that things might not go to plan, but there’s been no word of a delay as yet so let’s hope these next six days fly by.

  • Easytiger

    What exactly is news here?

    • Kim Jolicoeur

      The news is two-fold.

      1- There is no mention that they have played Skyrim for over 400 hours.
      2- They don’t ask us what we want/expect to see in the next Skyrim DLC.


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  • Fingol

    I hate that people keep posting the same information thats already everywhere and calling it recent news.

  • Benji Statham

    It’s release date is irelevant to me as it will be several months AFTER that the game will be patched enough to be playable :)