Uncharacteristic response to Xbox 720 from Microsoft

Earlier this week there was said to be a leaked internal document from Microsoft that outlined their strategy for their next-gen console, which is rumored to be the Xbox 720. What we found fascinating about this is the fact that usually the likes of Microsoft just issues a statement saying they do not comment on rumors and speculation, but they have said more this time.

In the statement Microsoft makes a point that they understand such rumors will generate a great amount of interest in regards to the next Xbox, they also thank their customers for being so faithful. They then go on detailing how they have made the 360 much better with the addition of Kinect, which they believe has now extended the life cycle of the current console – sounds like bad news.

According to an article here Microsoft then acknowledge that developing a new Xbox is always on their mind and when they have something to share with consumers they will let them know. While Microsoft has not given anything away we do find it interesting to see that they have taken more time and effort over this recent leak when compared to previous times.

The last bit made us wonder if we would actually see the Xbox 720 during E3 2013 and a release later that year. Michael Pachter believes that we will still see the next-gen Xbox at E3 next year but we will not see a release until spring 2014. We wouldn’t like to say if you should believe him or not, so we’ll let you make up your own mind.