Visualizing MW3 Spec Ops: Arctic Recon

For those who have paid for a Premium Elite membership this month is the sixth in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 content season, and this contains a new Spec-Ops mission known as Arctic Recon along with three new multiplayer Face Off Maps. To get an insight of what to expect we have had a look at a review as well as some great videos for you to visualize MW3 Spec Ops: Arctic Recon.

With Arctic Recon, gamers will get the opportunity to play a mission where you have to progress through a Russian Warship and plant air-strike beacons in four different locations. Set in Siberia, this mission entails the assistance of a Recon Drone to find these locations and it comes with a mini-gun to counteract enemies as you are in control. Reviewing this DLC The Controller Online feel that the creativity is starting to shine, and this mission is a decent length, full of enemies and great fun to play, especially on Veteran difficulty.

U-Turn, Vortex and Intersection are the three new maps and U-Turn is set in the Middle East on a small stretch of highway, with some great close quarters action coming out from the multiple vehicles you can hide behind. Vortex, takes place in a small American town amongst a tornado scenario and this one is viewed as the most intriguing. Intersection is the largest of the three maps, this revolves around a small part of war-torn Brooklyn, New York, and contains a few shops and buildings that can be entered.

Apparently, the Intersection is their favorite Face Off map as it is designed for all play styles. Recommending this with a brilliant score of 10 those who do not have a Premium Elite membership are informed that they will have to wait for Content Collection # 3. To see MW3 Spec Ops: Arctic Recon on Veteran, the solo play-through and Arctic Recon NEW Spec Ops check out the videos below and give us your perspective.


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