Wii U to re-imagine Black Ops 2

The idea of a second screen for Black Ops 2 would be beneficial not only this game but also all Call of Duty titles, as the Wii U GamePad is a great tool to make this the ideal platform for fans of the franchise. This thought process comes from Scott Moffitt, a marketing executive at Nintendo of America, who feels that Treyarch and Infinity Ward have the chance to fully utilize this feature.

The Wii U tablet would enhance titles like this and if Nintendo want to reach out to a core audience many opportunities are available for the game’s developers. CVG report on the incentive to bring this to the Wii U exploring a whole new way to re-imagine games. Moffitt said that this platform could be a preferential way to experience these titles for many core gamers.

Limiting the amount of clutter on your television screen the GamePad can introduce maps and items to the second screen improving the game on the TV, and although this was just one of the many tasks this could perform as more options can add variety to games, especially one you can’t take your eyes off for a second. There has been no official news that a Call of Duty title is coming to the system yet plenty of rumors suggest it is imminent.

In other Black Ops news, we recently spoke about Declassified for the PS Vita and the lack of zombies, which could be involved at a latter date, although we are sure many fans will be less likely to contemplate Black Ops without zombies. What do you think about the use of the GamePad in Call of Duty games? Do have any other ideas about ways this feature can be implemented?

  • teufel

    Are you kidding me?  Maps and menus is the best you can come up with for the game pad for Blops2?

    Here you go: the game can drop to 3rd person view with your guy holding a screen/controller while the game pad is being used to pilot a drone or the other remote controlled devices that are seen in the trailer with the perspective of the device on the game pad, placing or disarming bombs can now have a closer perspective of the bomb, have all radio communication come from the controller instead of the tv(the controller is fully capable of that), have the gun shop put on the controller while the tv is used for testing what you construct/full view of the weapon as it is built, full customization down to the paint job and the precision of what the stylus can do, use the camera to take a pic of your face then mod it/digitize it for online play with friends, use the game pad for a second person to be a spotter while you use the wiimote or the new Pro controller allowing for someone else to participate though out the campaign or even during online matches even if they are not good at shooters, placing cameras to monitor spots in-game which allows you to view that spot/s while you complete other tasks which this would be nice for sniping or setting up traps, and the list could go on to forever if I took the time to spit out more than what is on the tip of my head.