Battlefield 3 mod tools seen in Battlemon mashup

A recent Battlemon mashup video on YouTube is a great way to see some Battlefield 3 mod tools making an appearance in a crazy mix between Metal Gear Solid, Pokemon and Battlefield. In this, viewers get the opportunity to see some fun action with some hilarious lyrics.

YouTube’s member Wintergore has created a brief glimpse of what we would be getting if there were mod tools for Battlefield 3, and DSO Gaming explains exactly what is going on as Battlemon starts with a Metal Gear Solid style of camera and alarm sound effect. It then turns into a small RPG fight from a Pokemon approach with a remix of it main theme.

The opening exchange has one say to another “hello I would like to partake in a battle with you good sir, toodle pip” and that’s where the madness starts, as the lyrics are reminiscent of something you would hear in Team America and in that catchy way you will end up singing it out loud, realizing what it is your actually saying. “Gotta stab em all” is not something you want repeating when you are in the shopping isle, but still amusing nonetheless.

In other more serious Battlefield 3 news, yesterday we informed our readers of hinted improvements to B3 Conquest Domination maps and the popularity of this game mode. We also spoke about clarification on the intentions of this and that this will never replace normal CQ. To see the Battlemon mashup watch the madness below and tell us what you think. Would you like mod tools for Battlefield 3?