Detailing Halo 4: Promethean Crawler visually

The recent E3 trailer showing the Prometheans defending the mysterious alien world gave fans an insight into these creatures that have different abilities much like the Covenant with varied appearances. The Promethean Crawlers are armed Forerunner machines who in most cases work in large packs and carry a threat in both close-quarters and long-range combat, bringing great new scenarios to the Halo franchise.

Looking at the animations you can see that these extraterrestrials move much like a wolf with elements of an insect and 343 Industries had the idea for this set to bring something new to the game. Detailing the Promethean Crawler More Console write about their fierce nature of hunting down any threat and that they are a large part of enemy encounters on the planet.

The background of the Crawlers is that Watchers can spawn them and although they look after the Crawlers, the Knights treat them as fodder, spawning them at an alarming rate. Their group tactics are a dangerous force not to be taken lightly and individual Crawlers have three types to consider, your standard, heavily armed and long-range unit. It is worth taking into account that the heavily armed variant is tougher and prone to charge in and melee attack, where as the long-range unit will carry a threat over a distance.

Last week we looked at fans reactions to the new sniper rifle that seems to have grown in size yet it contains many of the same features Halo fans will appreciate. To see the animation of Halo 4’s Promethean Crawler take a look at the video below. When it comes to an encounter with one of these standing still may not be an option.