Further iPhone 5 mediocre gaming device claims

The first piece of the puzzle to improve gaming on the iPhone is iOS 6, which recently was made available to developers in beta form. However, Apple still has a lot of work to do if they want to be considered as a serious company when it comes to gaming. For years they have led the way in mobile gaming on smartphones and tablets, but they have yet to persuade those hardcore gamers, so the latest claims that the iPhone 5 will still be a mediocre gaming device is a huge concern.

It’s no secret that Apple will give their next smartphone a huge upgrade when compared to the last update, and we also have to remember that the iPhone 5 is the last baby from Steve Jobs before his untimely death – so we’re hoping that it will be something special.

We know that the hardware will get a spec bump, so expect a more powerful processor and hopefully more RAM. We’re also hoping on a larger screen as this is so important when it comes to gaming, but there will always be that one thing letting the iPhone down, and that’s having to game on a touchscreen device.

While there is a huge selection of gaming apps that make use of the touch interface, there’s nothing better than being able to manipulate by feel and you only get this with physical controls. Again many games on the App Store are perfect for just one-touch controls but an FPS shooter needs those traditional controls.

Do you think that it’s time that we should stop saying that iOS and other mobile gaming is competition for the console or PC and just reside in the fact that it will always be known for casual gaming? However, if Apple were to develop 3D gaming then maybe the platform could turn a corner in terms of gaming – notice we said maybe?

  • Tj

    What date iphone 5 released approximately

  • Tony

    Congratulations – you win the “most stupid article this week” prize.