GTA 5 alternatives are laughable

Back in November 2011 Rockstar released the first Grand Theft Auto V trailer and since then not much else has been shared, so has been left to rumors to keep the momentum going. Well the developer must be feeling pretty happy because the passion for the game shows no sign in slowing and looks set to be one of if not the biggest game of the year once released.

There’s no question how big of a game this will be but when we came across a recent article that looks at the GTA 5 alternatives we found them laughable. At first we assumed that it was just a joke, but they seem pretty serious. They have listed four titles that they feel will be GTA 5 killers and these are: Sleeping Dogs, Saints Row 4, Need for Speed: Most Wanted and finally Watch Dogs.

Right, now you have gotten up from the floor after laughing uncontrollably – especially after Most Wanted – we are sure you will join us when we say we totally disagree with this. You tell me if people will be checking their phones every hour to see if there is any recent news on any of those games like they do with Rockstar’s upcoming title?

From what we saw during E3 Watch Dogs looks as though it could be something special, but GTA 5 will be in a different league and if released in October could give Black Ops 2 a run for its money when that’s released a month later. The only fear that Rockstar should have is if their upcoming title doesn’t have long enough on current-gen consoles.

Did you find those GTA V alternatives laughable?

  • Schlong Johnson

    Enough with the commentary! I hate R* so much right now. So, so much.

  • Devo

    Old Hag: Mrs Thatcher, why when the Belgrano, the Argentine battleship, was outside the exclusion zone and actually sailing away from the Falklands, why did you give the order to sink it?

    Mrs Thatcher: It was not sailing away from the Falklands,it was in an area which was a DANGER TO OUR SHIPS 

  • delukze

    Sleeping Dogs is the only contender right now. Saints Row is a joke so yea (lmao)

  • Caldero

    Lol going after other websites now huh? lol  Sleeping Dogs looks like it’s going to be good, I’ve always like Saints Row but it’s almost TOO silly and not nearly as polished as the GTA series, Need FOr Speed HAHAHAHAHAHAHA lol and Watch DOgs looks like it’s going to be VERY intriguing.  The thing is that the GTA brand has a HUGE following.  There’s literally no games on the market that can compete in it’s genre  Sales wise the only product that is in it’s league is the COD brand.

  • Matt

    Watch dogs looks sick! I’ll be getting that on day one as well, The other games are only good for people who are waiting for GTA lol, it passes the time until the daddy comes out

  • Dan Houser

    The whole GTA community finds you and your aricles laughable.

  • Sgre

    CoD is dead. There will be no competition. I know where my money’s going.

  • Gumby65

    GTA V has a solid base of loyal players, as does the COD series, so much so that suggesting that it’d “give Balck Ops 2 a run for it’s money” is an irrelevant statement, as the gamers would obviously get both.  These fringe games? Notsomuch, though Watch Dogs does look kind of intriguing.

  • Fresialyle

    gta 5 will be released on next gen consoles, mark my words

    • England

      Well then u will have to wait for 2 or 3 years to play it lol. And my prediction is that gta 5 will be released before june 2013. Mark my words :) 

  • Erik

    very laughable man thank you