Non-intrusive Xbox 360 system update

Yesterday there was a non-intrusive Xbox 360 update, which users were prompted when they logged in, but you will be forgiven for thinking no changes have been made. We knew that the update was coming and that most of the updates were for behind the scenes services. There had been rumors that this was in preparation for SmartGlass and even Halo 4.

However, we’re being told that yesterdays system update for the 360 was to make the big fall update an easier one. However, for those living in Australia and New Zealand you will notice that voice search has finally been added – better late than never we guess.

It’s good to see that Microsoft are planning the big fall update in advance, they could have tried to update most areas, but going down the route of including various updates to make the big one an easier transition is certainly forward thinking – something that the likes of Sony should consider.

Having said that there will be those gamers who feel we have a right to see what improvements have been made, and there have even been suggestions that after the update their Xbox 360 has stopped reading discs, but this could be an isolated incident. Have you had any issues since this latest update?

You would have thought that these issues would have been rectified, as this update was made available to a select few last week and went live to the masses yesterday. Have you noticed any other differences since installing this update?