Tomb Raider more about traumatizing than weapons

It seems that there is going to be more to the upcoming Tomb Raider than just weapons as recent reports detail the traumatizing scenarios that Lara has to encounter. With Crystal Dynamics more mature direction it looks like this statement will be true to its word as a violent, brutal and sexually explicit approach has been taken to break Lara Croft.

This game is said to be like no other in the franchise, and more emphasis on distressing the poor protagonist in some disturbing situations. Before this starts getting emotional, the first Tomb Raider games didn’t give the gamer much to worry about concerning the consequences of your actions, and had no real affect on your connection with the character. However, in this edition when Lara suffers we feel for her remembering the actions that accumulated this emotion.

Game Zone write about the recent trailer from E3 and that Lara’s screaming makes the user feel like she is seriously hurt when she falls putting more emphasis on her survival in good shape. A sensitive scene involving the issue of rape has been regarded as “misunderstood” by Crystal Dynamics head Darrell Gallagher. Not getting into any debates about this subject it is said that this was an attempted rape scene and in either context, this is not a topic expected to come up in about a video game.

Rather than continue with the theme that could be been narrowed down to a sexual assault we wondered what other traumatizing experiences Lara is going to encounter, as there is a feeling that near the end of her journey this character will be nothing like the one in previous titles. This will also cause many reactions to how far developers will go to get more immersion and emotion in what is essentially only a game.

On Friday we delved deeper into this controversial scene and that this was all down to a miscommunication with no such scene, only one of her being threatened. Taking the amount of violent encounters expected into consideration, do you think developers know when to draw the line when it comes to portraying a character’s torrid time? Maybe you feel that all other aspects of violence and brutality should be considered avoiding ones of a sexual nature.

  • Obsidian

    Tut tut tut. “essentially just a game”. It’s never just a game.

  • Anonymous :)

    I believe this is all being blown out of proportion, there was never this much media attention for, oooh lets just say The Last House on the Left remake where an actual rape scene, that i may remind you lasted for 6-10 minutes, was acceptable to be in film. Crystal Dynamics have denied this being a rape scene, now whether or not it was, it is a game for adults, it is not glamorizing rape in any way, we choose to buy what we feel comfortable watching, playing etc. Even without an attempted rape scene the game is not intended for children, it has violence and emotional scenes that arent for kids. If parents dont like the idea of it being in the game, dont go around causing riots about it, DONT buy it for your kid, and ruin the game for the rest of us.