WWE 13 confusion, unlocks not DLC

Confusion about whether there will be more downloadable content than unlocks in the highly anticipated WWE ’13 has come about as gamers have questioned the appearance of Mike Tyson as a DLC character, and this has given cause for concern about how much more DLC will be involved.

Apparently, there will plenty to unlock in WWE ’13 according to THQ and it is conceivable that we could have a familiar style to that seen in WWE ’12 where players will have to unlock certain arenas and wrestlers. Captain Star Ball report on there being lots to unlock in this version as WWEGames Creative Director reassured a fan on twitter, and it appears that many Attitude Arenas will be accessible along with wrestlers.

Those upset by news that Mike Tyson is a pre-order incentive will be glad to know more Attitude wrestlers will be available to unlock within the game. Only yesterday, we looked at some of the playable characters expected in WWE 13 and we are under the impression that the Undertaker and Stone Cold will be included and going by the rumored roster, we asked who would you like to see as playable characters, and Goldberg looks like one fans would definitely appreciate.

In addition, we also wrote about the introduction of Mike Tyson and speculation surrounding his involvement in WWE 13, although it seems like he will be a DLC character. What are you expecting to see as far as unlockables are concerned? Do you like the idea of more downloadable content?

  • Kieranmodi

    No because DLCs cost! And we don’t want to spend money since we already paid enough for the game!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/M3MWVTVG6Q2U6CMNEMGQN6SAYM akashA

      ya i agree with him

  • Larrybjennings

    hell no i hate the idea of more dlc

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/M3MWVTVG6Q2U6CMNEMGQN6SAYM akashA

    i’m strictly against these pro order and dlc’s stuffs

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tylor-Da-Witness/100002208263793 Tylor Da Witness

     We already have to pay a lot for the game why should we have to pay more for the characters.

  • Jamminrocks

    “do you like the idea of more downloadable content?” HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! how dare yoou thq and wwe let mike tyson be a dlc sure you got attitude stars coming soon but it will not be good for any one if tyson is dlc SCREW YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!