Leaked Xbox 720 sees Loop (Durango) roadmap

When a leaked Xbox 720 document (well the next Xbox) surfaced people were at first a little skeptical about it being the real deal, but ever since Microsoft has been making some loud noises in order to obtain those details and stop them appearing online – well it starts to make you think if it is the real deal or not.

We still currently have no idea as to the name of Microsoft’s next-gen device, but amongst 720 being the favorite Loop is also a contender, which has the codename Durango. Questions have been asked if there is still life left in the 360, and while some gamers would say yes it’s clear to see that developers have pushed the current-gen console to its limits and most gamers are now calling for a next-gen device.

So let’s say for one moment that the next Xbox was announced during E3 and then released during the 2013 Holiday Season, there will be a pretty tough roadmap for Microsoft to follow in order to make this happen. The first is making certain that they have the correct developers on board, as they need those next-gen titles to be something special. If there is an E3 announcement then we would expect the Redmond company to release a roadmap for those all-important launch titles – although if the launch window is correct then those developers would have already been working on new titles.

A recent article has been discussing the leaked information and they believe because of the way Microsoft reacted, then that could only mean that it contained “a true roadmap for the next Xbox.”

Also in that document one would assume that it has all the details in regards to what will make the next Xbox a more complete device; some people would suggest that it would come with a Blu-ray player, but as consumers have started to rely more on digital downloads it makes you wonder if Microsoft would want the added cost of a Blu-ray player in their machine – and having to pay yet more third-party royalties.

The next Xbox will without a doubt be a more complete media device and could even see you doing away with one or two more items in your living room, with the set-top box being one of them because they will soon be redundant – well that’s what we’re being told by analysts looking at next-gen consoles.

We’re not going to find any of these details out until E3 2013 at least, so until then do you think the leaked document was the real deal and if it were are you happy with what we know so far?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/M3MWVTVG6Q2U6CMNEMGQN6SAYM akashA

    please no xbox 360 succesor should come out in upcoming 4-5 yrs.

    • http://www.facebook.com/mlauzon Michael Lauzon

      Are you serious, the Xbox 360 is almost 10 years old..?!