Maintenance affects MW3 Collection 2 DLC

With Modern Warfare 3 Collection 2 now available on the PlayStation Network from yesterday issues with PSN downtime on the same date have caused problems for gamers as the timing of this has caused many to get quite annoyed. Maintenance affecting MW3 DLC on the release of pre-order collection 2 map packs has had many gamers question whether this is an ideal time to do this.

Some prior notification of this would be a nice gesture yet those who have had the opportunity to download this DLC are quite content with the three new multiplayer maps (also usable in Survival mode), two Special Ops missions, and two Face Off maps. Available for $14.99 PlayStation Blog highlight the modes and details involved although comments further down the site page are more to do with the reaction of not being able to sign-in.

One suggestion was that Sony is probably doing these check ups to ensure we do not run into another PSN outage again although the timing is not ideal. Yesterday PlayStation Universe wrote about login issues striking the PSN in Europe, and that Sony is currently investigating the cause as users were asked to reset their passwords.

North America had trouble logging onto PSN earlier in the day and admin of the EU PlayStation Community stated that the “PlayStation Network is experiencing issues and some users may encounter problems with network services and the store. (An error code e.g. 80023102 may appear when trying to sign in) Engineers are currently investigating the cause of these problems.” Have you experienced issues that have affected MW3 Collection 2 DLC? What do you think about the timing?

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