Nintendo 3DS XL: Second circle pad MIA

With Nintendo 3DS XL coming out next month we are intrigued to know whether a second circle pad attachment will also on its way, as this handheld is said to have everything you want from a standard DS except a second hardware add-on that has been designed to make the current one more modern.

Regarding the 3DS XL as something Nintendo are doing to go after the smaller percentage of PS Vita users, this handheld involves bigger screens and better presentation than the current DS yet the hardware strategy here needs desperate attention. Digitally Downloaded ask about the requirement of another second circle pad and that this will add to the confusion of how much kit will be on sale.

Assuming that this additional hardware will also make an appearance to get the full 3DS gaming experience this is thought to be something else to confuse the casual shopper, and will this amount to an even smaller market. The visual fidelity of existing 3DS, DS, DSiWare and eShop games has been questioned as enlarging games for bigger screens doesn’t always make them look better.

With a feeling this strategy is more of a knee jerk reaction by Nintendo there is concern about their approach to obtaining a wider audience instead of addition hardware. Some feel that the interest for this will be those who prefer a bigger screen and longer battery life, although if it came with the second analog and maybe an adapter this could generate a bit more interest.

Will you be looking to get hold of the Nintendo 3DS XL? On the other hand, do you feel that this is not going to be good enough to have an affect on the PS Vita market? Maybe Nintendo should have concentrated on making the DS WITH the second circle pad then brought out the XL in the same fashion.

  • Nicholas Gatewood

     After an awful experience with the 3DS at launch, I refunded it and decided to ignore Nintendo until they fixed their mistake. Sure, many aspects of the 3DS are unfixable(it’s weaker than the average 2010 smartphone for gaming and the screen resolutions are disgustingly low) but I totally would’ve purchased this revision if it had the second slide pad. I guess I’ll wait another year and a half for a PROPER 3DS XL, it’s not like my Vita’s any worse because of the crappy 3DS XL model.

    • Jonathan Barresteel

      There will NEVER be a 3DS model with a second circle pad built in. How long will it take for everyone to understand that?

      • Nicholas Gatewood

        There COULD be a non-crappy 3DS with two slide pads. They had the chance to fix their system with the CCP already available, unlike Sony and their PSP, and they blew it. How long will it take the Nintendo apologists to understand that?

        They botched their system, with Iwata infamously bragging about how they don’t look at competing platforms when designing their systems. They already patched the original 3DS with a second slide pad, now they’ve announced a 3DS XL without it. No, it’s absolutely not an impossibility, yes, they could totally do it if they wanted their platform to matter in three years.I guess it doesn’t really matter, my Vita’s spectacular and I expect a new Nintendo handheld by 2015- they’ll need one to fix the flaws of the 3DS(resolution, weak specs, one slide pad, energy-inefficient internal components that prevent battery life from EVER being on par with the DS or even the Vita) and really compete with the Vita for developer support, since the Vita is actually powerful enough for all the major console gaming engines, provides all the control features you could want out of a handheld and has the easiest devkits to work with compared to any other game platform in the world, as of right now.