Pimping up Skyrim Dawnguard Dragonbone weapons

A few days ago details were leaked on the Dragonbone weapons that will appear in the first Skyrim DLC Dawnguard. After looking at the details we could see that the person who had leaked the weapons did not have a great two-handed combat skill level, but seemed much better with a bow.

This has got us thinking about the pimping possibilities of the new Dragonbone weapons? Before some of you became bored with Skyrim can you remember a time when you were able to create a Legendary Daedric Bow with 1300 damage, which was done without cheating?

The most important thing was to max out your Smithing and Archery levels and then finally drink a Smithing potion before you enhance your bow. We cannot be sure but maybe this could be the same case with those Dragonbone weapons? Although we’re not certain of their potential when it comes to weapons when compared to Daedric because we know Dragon Bones are not as good when it comes to their amour value, but thanks to a recent comment it has come to light that Dragonbone weapons are more powerful than Daedric.

Now after months of collecting Dragon Bones and Scales it will finally be nice to put them to use on Tuesday. On another note, from the images we have seen so far the Dragon Bone weapons look a little bland when compared to Daedric weapons, let’s just hope they make up for it in other ways?

  • Roy

    dragonbone weapons are stronger than daedric, that was revealed a few days ago. Also, daedric armour is better than dragonbone armour but your article has it the other way around.

  • Jdlipke

    Bland? I saw some of the images, and they look awesome!
    That’s like saying the Nightingale set looks bland.

  • http://twitter.com/ClarktheNichols Clark Nichols

    I don’t understand why this is the content they’ve created after months and months of waiting for DLC.  If this pack would have been a few months earlier I would have jumped in whole heartedly.  I know there are others like me, so Bethesda basically wasted the steam they built up from creating the best game of 2011.  $20 for a few new things to smith.  Seriously?  All the smithing stuff they’re making has been out on the PC in mods since several weeks after the release.  Such an inventive game, yet looking back they were so short sighted-I can’t explain how much it sucks at a higher level in the game, no better weapons, nothing to keep you interested, just a lot of grinding to get the privilege of killing “super Draugr” in dungeons.  What’s new on the DLC? some extra dungeons, trolls, minor smithing advances.  Great job.

    • Andy Birger

      ”What’s new”? I’ll tell you what’s new.

      Whole new set of weaponry, whole new categories of weaponry, whole new sets of armory, a new 10-20 hours Questline, mounted combat, tons of new enemies, tons of new allies, two new perks.

      Just as much new content as Shivering Isles, and even more than Knights Of The Nine.

      • Landon

        mounted combat was included in the recent Skyrim patch – you don’t need the Dawnguard expansion for it.