Torchlight 2 could lessen Diablo 3 displeasure

Diablo 3 was 12 years in the making and during that time fans of the franchise were eager to see what Blizzard had come up with. We all know the story about how well the game was received on day one because of the sever issues, but there’s much more to it because for a game that had been that long in development one would have assumed that there would be no issues when it came to gameplay and other elements of the game.

Not everybody will share the view that Diablo 3 is a bad game, but with the launch not being as smooth as it should have been, below par updates and the whole saga relying on a connection to the server in order to play the game, there are certain gamers who will now be looking to Torchlight 2 to lessen their displeasure.

We’d like to get one thing straight we’re not comparing these two games with each other because they are very different, but it just proves how dissatisfied certain gamers are and are willing to check out a different game because they have lost faith with Blizzard. Do you share this view or has it been blown out of proportion?

Depending who you ask Diablo 3 feels like a game that has been recycled time and again to come up with what we have now, but let’s not be too negative because the game still has so much going for it. Take Skyrim as a fine example, the game was released back in November and has endured numerous issues, yes there have been several updates but Bethesda are still fine tuning the game even now – and that game also had several years of development. Blizzard will get things right, but it’s just going to take some time.

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    Diablo III sucks!!