12 Skyrim DLC Dawnguard facts

With just a few days to go until what is shaping up to be one of the best days when it comes to new game and extra content releases, we thought we would discuss 12 facts regarding the Skyrim Dawngaurd DLC for those who are not yet fully up to date with what’s known so far. However, because the new content is still in beta some of what we know could change, although since Bethesda has since officially announced that the DLC will go ahead on June 26 they have made no mention of any alterations.

We have already taken a look at the skill trees for Vampires and Werewolves along we asking if you will be choosing good over evil, so let’s take a look at those 12 facts that have become available for all to digest.

The first is on Dragonbone weapons, which can be crafted at any forge. We have already discussed these weapons along with how much better they will be once you start to pimp those weapons up like you have in the past with other weapons. Then there are the new crossbows, while they are more powerful (which is needed for those tougher enemies) they have a slower reload time, so you have to be prepared for the trade-off.

You can soon involve yourself in combat while on horseback, you will be able to use a range of weapons but don’t try to use any spells because it’s not going to happen. If you decide to join Dawngaurd to fight the evil Vampire Lord you can then enter Fort Dawnguard, this will give you a range of new weapons and armor.

If you do wish to side with the Vampires you can then enter Castle Volkihar, here you will be able to use blood potions and vampiric powers. Legendary Dragons will now be in this DLC, these creatures are tougher than those you have fought before, which will make those fights much more interesting.

You can learn new Dragon Shouts once you have had an encounter with Dumehviir who’s an undead dragon. Once you have learned these new shouts you can summon Dumehviir while the second will take the life force from your foe.

There’s also a range of other enemies including Armoured Trolls, Bonemen, Boneyard Keepers, Death Hounds, Gargoyles and Wrathmen. While these all sound great we can’t help feel a little excited knowing that you will now be able to visit Soul Cairn, which is a plane of Oblivion. Once there you can free Arvak, from there you will be able to summon this undead horse at will no matter what region you’re in.

Finally you can now recreate your character while at The Ratways at Riften, you can change many features but your race and gender will have to stay the same.

There’s still so much more to Dawngaurd, but we’re certain that tens or hundred of videos will be uploaded to YouTube once Tuesday comes, not only to share important information but to also gloat to PC and PS3 owners who have to wait another month for the first Skyrim DLC – although PC owners won’t care much because they have the creation Kit.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ameer.barakat2 Noo Bodyy

    Doesn’t matter to us ( PC gamers ) at least we won’t have the same bugs in the xobx version, I’m sure Bethesda will release a patch during the 30 days.

    • Anonymous

       PC games normally have way more glitches and bugs then console versions.

      • http://www.facebook.com/terek.worley Terek Worley


    • Jhon Trollinski

      No, you will have different glitches and maybe worser because of the porting.

      • Durrr

         lol, “worser”. Nice vocab, bro.

      • Deadzenith

        Wow you have to be really stupid or uneducated. First it’s “and maybe worse” not “worser” and second most glitches would carry over so xbox is basically the beta testers. We get to see if it’s any good and we get less bugs because you pay for something we get for free.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Blacksilverstar Carrie Ann Jones

    Noo Bodyy..Its that bitterness I can hear? So far I’ve had no bugs on the xbox. PC is boring, especially If skyrim crashes.  

    • http://www.facebook.com/ameer.barakat2 Noo Bodyy

      Except that it doesn’t crash on my PC, I’m not using Windows 98 and Intel Pentium you know. Too sad you can’t have the mods or the console like us.

  • Wasney92

    actually more bugs in the pc version but with all the mods they can be fixed by yourself but as for the xbox they have been really good at patching it I’ve got hundreds of hours bug free which from what I’ve been told cant be said about PS3 or PC versions

    • Torres9green

      actually the ps3 version has less bugs than the xbox

      • arran101

        that is right ps3 does have less bugs

      • Viralxcow

        lol really some of the reason why the dlc took so long to come out is because of the ps3 version being so buggy they had to patch it

      • http://www.facebook.com/Blacksilverstar Carrie Ann Jones

        No it doesn’t. PS3 100% worse then xbox 360. Thats why everybody is complaining how bad skyrim is on PS3. Its that buggy, people have been known to send the game back to the store. Thank goodness they did! Wouldnt touch a ps3 if you paid me.

        • AGuestOnline

           I guess that makes me the most stubborn SOB of all the Skyrim players who does play on the PS3.

          • kl

            I’m right there with you, bro.

        • jaydos

          And PS3 only plays in 720p while xbox goes to 1080. Check the box.

          • ArchonChanges

            I call BS. when I upgraded my TV a short while ago, I went in and set the output to 1080, and it took.  The key is NOT to set it on AUTO-DETECT for resolution. It will go to 720, no matter what TV you have. Turn the auto set off, and enter the higher res manually.  Check the MANUAL!! not the box.

          • DeadZenith

            you are a moron. I  have an hdmi cable and my ps3 plays 1080p

        • Serpens

          Pretty sure if I paid you, you’d play it. Anywho, I own it for Ps3, and have run into few crashes/glitches. I’d say that maybe each person’s experience with the game is different, but I’m not so sure you guys would give two f***s at this point, what with the rampant xbox fanboyism displayed here earlier.

        • ArchonChanges

          100% worse? NO. That is your own bias.  I own both, and play both equally. Some games are much better on PS3, and Some games are much better on X-Box. Skyrim, I have to say, is much better on PS3. YES, I own it for both. The graphics are only SLIGHTLY less full on PS3, but seriously: when you have a dragon AND Krosis on top of you simultaneously on Hard Mode, are YOU going to stop and get all googly-eyed at being able to count every tooth in the dragon’s mouth as it tries to bite you in half even as Krosis is shoving that damned staff of nuclear mayhem up your posterior?PS3 has not let me down a single time…and here is why:VIDEO OUTPUT SETTINGS.you have to make ABSOLUTELY sure that your device is NOT set to AUTO DETECT for screen resolution. If you have 720, it will still auto-set @1080 for some reason. If you have 1080, it will auto-set, but turn off your Ultra-White setting. What happens is that it is pumping more data into the TV than is needed, and eventually, it backs up, sort of like a traffic jam. This causes the drivers to fail. Then CRASH.
          Proper settings are the key here. I learned this lesson when trying to squeeze FFXIII into a 720 when set at 1080. PS3 skipped, skipped, and crashed before real gameplay even started. Someone online tipped me off about the settings, and I have not had a problem since.

        • Johnnycasha1999


      • Jhon Trollinski

        Torres, the Xbox was the platform they worked Skyrim on therefore many of the bugs on Xbox were mostly patched during release, can’t say the same for PS3 as It was unplayable at release.

        • DeadZenith

          if it wasn’t playable at release than how did I play it so much without a single crash until almost three weeks in? It got laggy with the save issues but that was quickly patched.

      • Chongtheironlung

        that is the stupidest thing i ever seen typed in cyber space and as stated in the game informer artical about the new dawnguard dlc “considering all the ps3 specific technical problems in the game base, playing on sony’s console is a losing proposition”.If the ps3 version has less bugs then why does it crash so much and suck so bad? if i wanted to play a game that glitched up and crash’s every 5 minutes i could put a ms.dos game on a xp pc and just watch it fail time after time on that you ps3 owners got it bad but then again you get what you pay for

      • Maiku92

        actually, it don’t. first time i played skyrim was on ps3, and it crashed twice in 10 minutes and i couldn’t get into it cuz all it did was jump, id be in one place, step forward and id be like 50ft infront of where i was, good job i only rented it. but i decided to give the xbox one a go beens as id saw people online and in games magazines complaining about how much it crashed, glitched and lagged, and the 360 hasn’t let me down once, neither by crashing nor glitching, most thats happened is when the texture has jumped from a low-res LOD to a high-res LOD.. other than that, no complaints so id suggest you research both versions before making a judgement :)

        • deadzenith

          funny though i’ve had my ps3 version of skyrim since the release and never had that bad of an issue. Maybe just unlucky? plus you should really check your grammar.

  • Anonymous

     Mounted Combat has already been in the game for a few weeks. Try it.

    • Jhon Trollinski

      I know, I was expecting the melee combat to be better, but then again I am a ranged type person anyway, one thing I have noticed Is that arrows don’t hit the enemy when he’s like 2 steps away from you making combat frustrating , wish I still had my shadowmare alive! :(

      • Brigh

         Omg how did he die? Cause I only found it if you killed him he died.

      • guest

        Horse archers always used to fire from their left side because it is easier and the same goes for ranged horse combat on Skyrim never fire on the right side or you will simply be wasting arrows

  • Roy

    Dawnguard is being released on time even after a beta which should mean that it is relatively bug-free, at least I hope that is the case….

  • jive turkey

    i have the xbox and the pc versions of the game, and i have noticed bugs and glitches in both versions, the xbox i noticed spawning and ai bugs. and the pc version had mostly texture issues and crashing, lots of crashing, but they each have their own strengths and weaknesses, i can build stronger weapons and potions without the game crashing ever, in fact my xbox version has never crashed. but the bonus of customizing the pc version to your liking is great and adds a quite a bit more depth. graphically there is a noticeable difference but not to the point that they look drastically different, at least when you compare the vanilla pc version, and i play on ultra high settings. i just wish there would come a time that pc and console gamers could get along. it really annoys me when i see people who play on strictly on a single platform bad mouth other gaming devices.

    • Jhon Trollinski

      That’s not really true for some people, I play Skyrim on both too but It’s not really bad mouthing, everyone Is entitled to their own opinions but yes I agree with stuff like fan boys.

  • Btskylar

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  • Nick8477

    are you serious! i have to wait 1 more month more.. seriously..

  • lil_button

    us xbox people pay for internet so that x box has extra cash to get DLC’s earlier and so we can aford patches more often if your complaning about your system why not switch so we dont have to listen to your bickering

    • http://www.facebook.com/terek.worley Terek Worley

      plus u have to spend thousands of dollars to upgrade a pc every other year to even attempt to play any good NEW games. Have had my xbox 7 years. Never had problems, and never put a dime into it. You suckers play into microsofts little PC scam so badly its painful…..

      • That guy

        ^ This guy. Obviously you don’t know what your talking about. 

        • Parthshah

           PC is best

      • Spykejuggalo

        LOL i only spend maybe 200$ on my PC every 5 years, which is about a Platform.
        + the reason Xbox gets it first is because:
        1 you guys have to “feel” like your getting the upper hand somewhere
        2 xbox has the worst graphics & easiest programing, so its done far sooner.
        3 Microsoft owns the distribution rights of PC & xbox, and like i said in 1 ^ they have to make xbox better somehow

  • him self

    the disisons are gona be hard
    another scary mass efect expirice will happen in the next moth :s