GTA 5 trailer 2 dependant on Rockstar events

It’s been seven and a half months since the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto V and it’s easy to understand why fans of the franchise have become a little upset with Rockstar. Several months ago they said the GTA 5 trailer 2 would be dropping in a few months – well new info anyway. While it’s hard to elaborate on what a few months means to a developer most fans had hoped that this meant just three months, which means that we’re now overdue.

We knew the second trailer would not be shown anytime while E3 was going on because the developer doesn’t want any distractions from other games, and many believe that GamesCom is just too long of a wait. It could happen this month but there seems to be a consensus to a July release.

Several readers of the official Rockstar Games website believes that we will not see a second GTA 5 trailer until after the last Max Payne 3 Multiplayer Event and before the start of the Red Dead Redemption Event, which means the window of opportunity would be July 12th, to July 27th. Those readers believe that there is a gap there for a reason and if Rockstar were to release that all-important second trailer it would also help sales of Max Payne 3 once again, since sales have not been that impressive.

Fan’s of the Grand Theft Auto franchise have now started to get a little restless and for good reason, since the release of that first trailer in November Rockstar has yet to post anything new on their website. Okay we have had that one comment stating they will announce news in a few months, but that has now turned into several. We know that the franchise is a massive one and has what it take to become the biggest selling game ever, even beating Call of Duty according to certain analysts, so come on Rockstar show some respect to your faithful fans and share the love, what we mean by that is a damn second trailer.


    Rockstar will lose about 30%(or more of fans) if they putRed Dead Redemption in front of GTA V, And I’ll be one of them. Sure, they”ll get our money once this game hits the shelves ( hopefully 2012) but lose some respect from fans. Yet again, it’s all about the money. And soon they’ll just replace us.

    • MikeyGTA

       iv decided to just steal my copy of gta 5 so get that right round u rockstar

      • barry white

        That’s the best idea iv’e heard all year! Cant believe i hadn’t thought of that yet.

    • Greggio1

      It’s not about the money, money, money
      We don’t need your money, money, money
      We just wanna make the world dance
      and Jessie J’s songs are pants

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        • Gaylord


  • Nelson


  • Moejoe

    Sadly rockstar are even getting on my nerves and thats saying something

    • Suede

      ‘Its been seven and a half months’ – inentertainment 
      I think that says it all too 

  • Jasonswift

    Clutching at straws. Rockstar haven’t been able to hit a deadline for years, it’ll be May 2013 at the earliest.

  • Greece

    I blame Rockstar for the Euro crisis 
    – Greece

    • Rockstar


  • MusiicMan

    can’t wait to see more from GTA V it’s a little annoying how long Rockstar are taking but they are the best in the business at making games and im sure GTA V will be brilliant so it will be worth the wait regardless of how long the wait is and the big scale a GTA game is im sure there is loads of work to be done on it even after they think it might be complete as there would be bugs and stuff all over the place

  • Dan Houser

     Cool, Rockstar are releasing about 7 Max Payne 3 DLC’s throughout the summer.  Wonder how many GTA V will get?

    • R* Official GTA 5 Developer

      I am the official rockstar developer for GTA5 (it’s true not lieing), and i can reveal nothing on the matter, however i can definatly say, swearing my life over rockstar that new infomation, including trailer NO.2 will be coming in july.

      • Jacko

        Go to f*cking hell you have written on this wall like 3 times already no one believes (or likes) you because you’re a big fat whore 

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  • Hazelfatstrat

    I hope we have enough GTA V time on this generation

  • stratocaster

    This is the best game series I have ever seen in my life and it may be worth the wait, but i dont get why red dead redemption would be in front of it. i have red dead redemption and cant say im a fan of it. I dont understand why rockstart cant give the fans what they want

  • Zaate

    Look, rock star are only don’t what needs to be done, its worth the wait.

    • Thankyouverymuch


  • Andrewvale91

    I Still Think Rockstar are going to take there time On Showing us More Information On GTA V October Would be perfect But you never Know we just got to white and see 

  • Gonzolegend

    Yeah Rockstar’s marketing team should be fired. There job is to generate buzz and promote the game, not release one trailer and then go dark for seven months.

    It’s a 2-3 minute trailer on Youtube… if it takes them half a year to produce a new trailer can only imagine how long the actual game will take.

    • Lizziemaguire

      they should be more than fired, they should be hanged, drawn and quartered, 

      • I hate you.

         Yeah, cause that is totally reasonable.

    • Sploodge-god

      You lot are a bunch of impatient inbred hillbillies, you don’t deserve the game that has clearly had lots of effort been spent on it, more hype has been generated without more info than any other game, so quit whining you bunch of bitches.

    • GTA whore


  • Plutarch

    we all hate rockstar for being such a d*** but when the next gta 5 trailer comes out we’re gonna be all over it and like ‘omg rockstar is the best’ cos we’re all a bunch of low lifes who search for new gta 5 info on a daily basis

    • GTA whore

      wrong dickhead, we not low lifes, were just hyped for it, we want it all so bad and thats why were searching for info on a daily basis 

      • IKEA

        How do I ‘dislike’ this comment?

  • Slytherz

    People complaining about Rockstar being in the dark and needs to be fired, they suck for not showing a trailer, they are not creating buzz…. Yadadadadada, look at it from their point… They are creating more speculation and buzz with being quiet at the moment then if they were to release a Trailer… Soooo RELAX

  • Manuel

    they should start announcing the future gta’s like in march or april so we don’t get crazy and get pissed off at rockstar

  • Aaron Dix

    I would agree we are unlikely to see anything until the mp3 events are over, the delay in the trailer is IMO brought about by the delay of mp3 and therefore the delay of said mp3 multiplayer events thus the long  wait

  • Junior Saintz

    Eu moro aqui no Brasil, e fica muito mais difícil de receber informação em relação ao GTA 5, eu estou, com uma enorme expectativa de ver o Segundo Trailer, to cansado de ver, possíveis jogos do GTA 5 no google,…eu pesquiso profundamente, e cada vez que eu pesquiso e não acho, eu fico triste pela a Rockstar* ter essa postura, libera logo, os fãs do GTA estão querendo ver resposta, e por exemplo, porque se não liberar o Watch Dogs, pode ficar com o posto de GTA, a não ser se algo do GTA superar as expectativas de todos.
    Espero que esteja certo.

    E nem se sabe que é o Player (Jogador principal), será que o CJ vai está no jogo, espero que sim, porque a história tem que continuar.

    Então espero que, o 2º Trailer seja lançado o mais rápido possível, para alegria de todos nós, porque eu como fã da franquia da Rockstar* estou decepcionado.

    Valeu Pessoal.  

  • Mareva T

    Well personally I’m willing to wait for rockstar to announce the true date of the next trailer. Consider the fact that blizzard waited a staggering 12 years before releasing Diablo 3 after the huge success of its predecessor. All I can say to rockstar is “don’t make me wait 12 years” 😉

    • Congressbeta

      Maxis made me wait 10 years for a new Sim City and it looks like they just pulled the graphics from sims 3!

  • iluvpussi

    i am a fan max Payne but mp3 sucked donkey ballz time to move on relase some god damn gta 5 info already.

    • You are so smart.

      hawrwha mayx pain r sux donkie blazz plz rokstr i do anyfing 4 u 2 relase graend tafht aute fyve even tho il probebly complayn abot it nut beieng jus liek san anders

  • kind heart

    Please rockstarv realease info, people are saying bad things.

    • Daft

      so are the voices in my head…

  • Guest

    To be honest, the fans just need to keep their patience up. I’am ecstatic that they haven’t been show boating the game over the webs. Look what happened to battlefield 3… They spent nearly as much as they did on development as they did on advertisement ( not saying it was a bad game, it just didn’t deliver on their initial promises ). Rockstar’s making the smart move once again, and is most likely going to impress us just before launch. I don’t remember knowing any large details about GTA 4 or RDR  until mere weeks prior to their respective launches. Years later they’re still among my very favourite console games. 

  • Myth146

    game companies are probably paying rockstar to stay hush

  • J Canamrenegade Mike

    if you all could wait this long I think that you could wait a little bit more

  • Morgan77740

    Patience is a virtue, besides this is gta we are talking about YOU ALL KNOW YOUR GOING TO BUY IT AS SOON AS IT COMES OUT NO MATTER WHAT HAS HAPPEND THESE PAST SEVERAL MONTHS. cus i know i am im mean when has R* ever let us down with one of there gta games.

  • austin

    Skrew gta im getting sleeping dogs.

    • Jamie

      As excited as I was at first for Sleeping Dogs, closer inspection makes it look like a poor version of True Crime: Streets of LA. Hopefully I’m wrong but it definitely won’t be as good as GTA.

      • Erik

        well ya but i looked it up it was a reboot of true crime hong kong but they had to change the title because they didnt purchase the rights to the name true crime

  • Congressbeta

    What the hell are you saying?

  • Aloan Moreira

    Agreed to article!

  • seth

    Guys when i comes out youll all get it regardless on how long you waited rock star wants this to happen because they know as soon as the games released boom $100mil on the first month due to people like us who want to get it asap so any ways hope to see you at gamestop or wherever you buy games getting gta 5 !!!  also they could just be finishing the game so it doesnt glitch. 

  • benny banks (sbtv)

    patience is a virtue…if only i cud learn to wait. 

  • Brandonpayton59

    i wonder if theres a catch to the whole “sales are down” thing for max payne maybe R* is kinda like uhhuh weel fix yall we wont release any new info unless max payne sales go up?

  • Dylan54t