Apps for Wimbledon 2012, our games draw

With Wimbledon 2012 now underway all eyes will be on two things, the players and the weather. Thankfully the sun is out and will be for the next few days, but a little later this week we will get back to the typical British summer. The next two weeks will build up to what we hope will be several great finals, with the men and women’s singles being the main focus you’ll be able to keep fully up to date with the official Wimbledon app.

However, after you have watched the matches and reviewed those scores why not take out your frustration if your player never made it through to the next round by playing some tennis on your iOS device. Choosing which game to play is always going to be tough, so here are our draw of Apps to keep you occupied during Wimbledon 2012.

The first one has to be Virtua Tennis Challenge, which was updated earlier this month. You get to compete with 50 players in a choice of 18 stadiums around the world, and you need to think about you player choice as they need to match your playing style. The price for this is just £2.99.

If you are looking for more of an old school game along with being free then you could consider Wimbledon Court Legends. We have to point out that this is a tennis game in its basic form like the old Binatone games from all those years ago.

The final app that we would suggest has to be Smash Tennis – Wimbledon. While this is nothing like the first gaming app we mentioned it more than makes up for it with the fun factor. This app requires you to have perfect timing, as you will need to hit the ball back in the right time. As with all games like this the further you progress the more intense it gets.

These are just three apps that will help keep you occupied during Wimbledon 2012, but what others would you suggest?