Dragon’s Dogma 2 confirmed, needed improvements

No matter what game is released there are always mixed reviews on them, but Capcom seemed to be so impressed with one of their recent releases in terms of sales that they have confirmed Dragon’s Dogma 2. Now this might not be the name of the title as they have only confirmed that they will make a sequel, although there’s a possibility that this could turn into a series.

Eurogamer says that since its release the game has shifted 1 million copies, which isn’t bad for a new IP along with the fact that the game was only released on the PS3 and the Xbox 360. However, there are hopes that Capcom could release a PC version of Dragon’s Dogma, but this could also be wishful thinking.

There’s no timescale as to when the second version of the game will be released, but considering the current version is just a month old we’d bet that the sequel would not be released on this generation? So knowing that Dragon’s Dogma 2 is coming we now wonder what the fans will want from the game, and one way to understand this is by looking at the needed improvements for the current game?

We all have our personal views on what is good and bad about a game, but having listened to some fans some suggestions seem to come up more often. The first is to improve the travel system, as this can become tiresome and boring. Items need to have a far better interface because some of them look pretty similar.

Now that the game has proven popular we hope that Capcom get their money out and pay for much better voice actors, as this will help to captivate the audience. While the current game is exciting there is not much in the way of danger, so bringing in more dangerous elements will be key for the sequel.

These are just a handful of improvements that could be incorporated into Dragon’s Dogma 2, but what suggestions do you have?

  • http://twitter.com/JonnyAWES0ME Jonny

    This is great news. The items are far more diverse than alot of other games *cough elder scrolls cough* so I dont know who told you they were poor. But more items would never be a bad thing. Fable-esque customisation of cloth layers, allowing you to choose the colour would be great in added deeper customisation unmatched in any other RPG if you ask me.
    A faster traveling system would be nice, but the current world map isnt big enough to need it… expanding the world would be needed first (the game already talks about other countries, Mercedes and Julien coming from 2 others).
    Whether the world gets bigger or not, mounts would be lovely. We can already grab onto enemies, so some form of monster capture system would be epic. First capture being a donkey or horse or the like to ride upon, eventually getting better and capturing Griffins or Cockatrices or even Drakes as your mount. That would be an epic twist!
    I would love to see other races introduced if the world was expanded. The creator already allows for Elvish and Dwarven type creations. I’ve seen attempts at Orcs also.
    Add in Dual wield on swords (Rangers, Striders or Assassins could have done with these to increase vocation diversity) and perhaps fighting staffs and a few more types of attack.
    For those who dont use online pawns, perhaps let us create 3 of our own.
    Save data has been an issue for alot of people, but the nature of the game means server uploads have to be regulated, multiple save slots would confuse that, instead id like to see maybe a “checkpoint” saves system, where it auto stores the last 10 checkpoints you’ve reached. Allowing for backtracking if need be.
    Voice acting isnt great, but I wouldnt call it a major issue. Its a jap creation, even acting in the Resi Evil games are wooden at best. But as a game where you create your own hero, who is nearly always a mute (ignoring Dragon Age 2, cause that system sucks), I dont see voice acting as a major issue. Lip syncing would be better to focus on, but again, the game was so much fun, why let such a minor issue get the way?

    Id love to see the widescreen / cinematic view be scrapped. Hate losing half my screen to big black blocks.

    Weapon enchanting (even if it was a shop you paid for) would be handy, some weapons are awesome and a slight enchantment would make them so much better.

    Greater diversity of landscapes and weather – again tied in to adding a much bigger world.

    Add swimming – the Brine is annoying. Clever in terms of not just adding invisi-walls to water, but was it just me who wanted to go fight the Brine monster? then go for a nice swim? Let me fight this Brine fella, and rid the worlds oceans of its annoying red glowy rage! But then swimming always arrives in sequels, right?

    • http://www.facebook.com/pete.armstrong.10 Pete Armstrong

      Nice one!! Couldnt have put it better myself!!

  • CaptainLoogie

    The first is to improve the travel system, as this can become tiresome and boring.

    I don’t understand this comment unless I have imagined the Ferrystones and Port Crystals that I have been using in the game…

    I personally liked being forced to travel everywhere until you get an abundance of the items listed above, I found with Skyrim that I was trying to travel realistically everywhere and eventually caved to the ease of the fast travel option by the end.  I felt this made the game lose some of it’s charm.  Horses for courses though.

  • Myleslee50

    i think the game is over all awesome, but yeah they could adjust the travel system because walking for an hour to some places did get really annoying after a while……but what would be cool is if dragons dogma 2 kept a few of the classes that everyone liked the most and add some new ones like an gunslinger or swordmaster( wields dual swords and is quick and skilled), or maybe an class that allows you yo master hand to hand fighting, you know some more creative classes……not saying the ones in the first were bad, they were good

  • Knowledge801