Free older MW3 maps begins with Terminal

Pleasing news for fans of Modern Warfare 3 is that free older maps are becoming available beginning with Terminal, and this will go some way to ease the issue that some gamers have had with having to pay for older maps when they are actually released as new content. This is one of the most controversial out of the bunch, as this involves running around shooting other players within the airport.

Causing much discussion among fans this map will be coming to Modern Warfare 3 in the future according to Mark Rubin of Infinity Ward and he reiterates that this will be free of charge. Reporting on the leaked gameplay of the Terminal map Stick Skills show a YouTube video seen on their site suggesting that readers would be wise to check it out soon rather than later, as there is a chance this could be pulled.

In relation to this, last week we wrote about MW3 June DLC live from Tuesday, although in this we did mention that there would be no classic maps, and that a mixed reaction will be expected from fans wanting some good old maps from previous Call of Duty titles. News of free maps is a welcome sign that Infinity Ward are listening to the fans and we are interested in your thoughts on this. What do you think about Terminal coming to the game?


    Robert Bowling doesn’t work for Infinity Ward anymore!