Lego Batman 2 review points to glitches

Last week saw the launch of Lego Batman 2 on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PS Vita, DS, 3DS, and Wii, and this version shows Lex Luthor teaming up with the Joker in a bid to bring Batman and Gotham City to its knees. Other new villains are expected in this version along multiple characters to interact with from DC Comics’ Justice League.

Looking at a review based on the Xbox 360 version the overall perspective is that there are plenty of glitches involved even though this game is the first Lego title to implement voice acting and introduce a giant, open world for players to explore. Giving us their opinion on Lego Batman 2 Games Beat mention that this title tries to redefine the franchise but some setbacks have been noted.

Enjoyment was found with abundance of characters, their unique gameplay mechanics and the writers get a decent balance between Batman and Superman’s relationship. Although they get on, the idea that Batman has a stash of Kyroptonite in the Batcave just in case Superman turns bad adds to the rapport between the two. When it comes to the drawbacks multiple glitches are to be found in Lego Batman 2 and the critic expected these to be cleared up since the last game.

The Xbox 360 version involved situations where the entire game seizes directly before or after a cutscene, and freezes were experienced 11 times at the end of one. The split screen is also questionable as there is no control over how the dynamic splitscreen behaves, which means it will often send the dividing line spinning out of control when players step away from each other. Generally, this there is potential in where this franchise is heading and playing so many iconic DC heroes and villains is a refreshing change of pace.

Giving an overall rating of 75 out of 100 their verdict is that there is a fun adventure available, bear in mind you can work through the glitches. Have you found this a buggy experience? Will you be expecting to see more goodies and baddies coming soon as DLC?

  • Joey DaCoach Anderson

    i have experinced the freezing, i am stuck replaying level 12 because it freezes after the cut screen then when rebooting it i get a disc read error….very very frustrating…

    • seanpat05

       What system are you playing on? If you are using Xbox, try installing the game onto the hard drive and see if that helps.

      • natman

        I have it on the X360, could never play it on the disc itself.  installed it on the HD, played fine until that same Level 12 that Joey mentions and it freezes when the Dynamic Duo get in Robins car.  Probably same point.
        Man, my son and I were really looking forward to this.  Too bad it’s so buggy.  Never had a Travellers Tales game so buggy before.  And looks like it’s not a singular incident.

        • Jamjr1221

          Exact same spot for me. Any way to fix this without having to return it?

          • natman

            Apparently messing with the settings such as motion blur, subtitles and brightness will fix it. My wife and son got it to get past doing this while I was at work today. Others are swearing by it as well. Give it a whirl.

          • Stephen

            I had this problem the first time I played this board as well. Cutscene would freeze and sound kept playing, but it would not go to the level completion screen. Hopefully they can eventually patch this bug with an update but I was able to get it to work the second time without doing anything different. Just make sure you save at the terminal on the rooftop during the battle with the Joker robot and when you reboot the game and go back to that level it will pick up there so that you don’t have to replay the whole level.  FYI – I also installed the game to Xbox HD before playing any boards so glitch is not neccessarily prevented by installing.

  • seanpat05

    Bought the Ps3 edition and beat it over the weekend. I can honestly say I had ZERO glitches throughout the seven hour adventure. The only problem I had was when I took on Poison Ivy to unlock her as a character, if you fly around in her lair as Superman, the camera gets all wonky. Other than that I had no issues.

  • Jwhuntfoo

    Played Wii version w/my son this weekend.   He’s having a lot of fun with it but there are many glitches and the game actually crashed several times and we had to reboot.  The most interesting glitches:  playing two players and “Flash” froze in place but Superman kept on going.   At one point, Superman flew into a “netherworld” beneath Gotham City with no ground, floating parking meters and light posts and he even “died”, which is technically impossible within the game.  (he fell to pieces.)

  • Just me

    Anyone have any ideas where Lex Luthor, the Joker and Poison Ivy are hiding out please?? xx

  • Dodo

    does anyone know what divas are going to be in wwe 13

  • Ickey415

    Mission 13 final minikit does not appear when triggered. Have played through 7 times and read the walkthrough but the scene trigger does not work. It seems like I remember triggering it before downloading the latest PSN update today and now it’s all glitchy. Just like Lego Harry Potter 1 – one little glitch keeps you from finishing the game.

  • Odie

    WRT Level 12 that Joey mentions and it freezes when the Dynamic Duo get in Robins car.  What specifically do you need to do to get past freeze wrt brightness, motion blur and subtitles?

  • mpritc1019

    I have a PS3 and 3 hours in it freezes a lot. In the open world on the beach and in the stage Unwelcomed Guest. They need to patch it soon!

  • Usertodd

    It’s stuck for me after I complete level 8. Only way to get back into the game is by restarting the console.  When I do, level 9 isn’t available, so I have to replay level 8… only to see it get stuck again after the level is complete.  I have no idea how to continue on this game.  Extremely frustrated.  

    • Marsha Ducey

      Same problem here. Have played level 8 repeatedly and always sticks in same place. Exchanged game for another and same problem again. Playing on wii. Will be returning this one too.

  • Gothabillygoat

    Playing on a PS3 here. Stuck after level 8. Finished  level 8/Destination Metrolpolis and now it only shows the next mission as mission level 5 again/Research and Development. Will not give me the next mission level 9 at all

    • Gothabillygoat


      • Gothabillygoat

        Actually I have it mixed up…I finished Level 9/Research and Development and am stuck at level 10/Down to Earth. It will not give me that mission at all which I believe is where you fight the robot. How do I get that mission started?