Mass Effect 3 DLC ending a waste of time

Tomorrow the 26th of June, the Extended Cut DLC will be aiming to rectify the controversy surrounding the ending of Mass Effect 3 DLC, and we are concerned whether this will undo some of the damage it has caused and satisfy fans current distaste for the game’s finale.

The notion that fans will find more issues with the DLC could be due to a negative feeling towards what should have been already included, although the downloadable content will launch, free of charge in a hope to please gamers. Documenting this news Forbes Magazine talk about tomorrow’s DLC and question whether this will ease the dissatisfaction among fans, and in an interview with lead producer Casey Hudson and lead writer Mac Walters, they discuss this along with the controversial ending.

Expanding on the events of the ending, a statement on The Mass Effect 3 website reads, “Through additional cinematic sequences and epilogue scenes, the Extended Cut will include deeper insight to Commander Shepard’s journey based on player choices during the war against the Reapers”. The idea to release an “extended cut” as opposed to completely new endings is BioWares way of saving face while trying to avoid any major changes, and it is hard to say what fans will make of this.

Curiosity revolves around the extra scenes and it is worth seeing if this is enough to change anything on how most people feel about the ending, and from what has been stated many may not see any reason to bother with the DLC. With that in mind the conflict of interest goes on as tomorrow other downloadable content will become available such as Skyrim DLC although at the moment only Xbox users can look forward to that.

On Friday, we mentioned the download clash for ME3 downloadable content and a selection of games being released on Tuesday. Do you think that the Mass Effect 3 DLC ending is a waste of time?

  • Jumonkan

    I’m  fan of the series, I have played all three games. I don’t think the EC DLC will be a waste of time. I hope it does help fix the ending as I felt the three choices ending blowed and was like getting slapped in the face. Also I think too many casual gamers got pulled into ME3 when they added MP.  I have talked to many people on the MP that have never played ME1 and only played ME2 a little they simple bought ME3 because it has MP. In fact on launch day someone was returning ME2 and complaining that he wasn’t told ME2 didn’t have MP.

  • Hully5

    The journey through ME3 was pretty amazing so if they can capture some of that an sprinkle it on the ending some more it’s going to be fantastic. Saying that the ending was fine, it’s their story.

  • CheesyBananna

    I thoroughly enjoyed ME1 and ME2, but was devastated at the quality of ME3 – I have no idea how they screwed up so badly when they created such marvellous games. While I agree ME3 had its moments overall it was horrible and a major disappointment. I don’t think the EC can redeem ME3

  • jFp

    The story was more intelligent than 90% of the people playing.

    • ME3

      Actually you’re right. Iv’e met people who don’t even know the story of Mass Effect and yet complain about the ending. 

      Indoctrination Theory or not, the ending gave a perfect end to one of the greatest Sci-Fi Trilogy ever made. 
      Mass Effect 2 was sure an improvement in Gameplay/Graphics/Narrative over ME1 but it was just a filler to the series. Tell me did an additional human reaper mattered that much in ME3 when their extinction/destruction at end was imminent.

      Were the two explosions at the end which were also 85% same video sequences in ME2 so dramatically better? Heck that destroying the collectors gave you no advantage, other missions such as Geth Heretics/Melons Cure were a key part of that game.

      ME1 was perfect in story telling but i’ll have to pick up ME3 as the better one out of all of them. I’ll even play the trilogy once more after this DLC is released just because i love the series and i want Bioware developing more of these types of games. 

      And if Bioware can’t deliver more to their SciFi collection, then at least there’s CDprojectKey who are working on a Sci Fi RPG. Im done with medieval RPG’s. 

      • Megadri

         I admit I wasn’t as ouraged as the majority of those who complained about the ending. I was just disappointed at the lack of elaboration. (Which we’re now receiving). For me, it was just showing how much Sheperd and thus I, had shaped the galaxy. My actions were large in the sense I had stopped 2 wars whilst fighting the reapers! yet the ending we got reflected none of it. Hopefully this wll be rectified.

        As for your critique on the other games. I was just humoured as to how you have the exact opposite of my views :p

        To put a number to the games.

        ME1 – 8/10
        ME2 – 9/10
        ME3 – 7/10

        (ME3 may be higher depending on the extended cut)

      • n0odles

         Actually, ME2 wasn’t as redundant as people like you put it – if you’d bother to pay attention in the first place. The original ending of ME3 – the one that Drew Karpyshyn wrote (the dude who co-wrote 1 & 2) explains the whole purpose of 2. Go and read up on Dark Energy/Matter. Bloody idiot.

  • Drtully2001

    I enjoyed ME3 and didnt really mind the ending to be honest just thought it was mediocre in its delivery. If the DLC can polish it up and turn it in to a more memorable finish then im in.

    • Arin Davidson

      The DLC should include better speech options and the ability to tell the overlord to piss off and to take his sorry ass and his reapers and get the hell out of their galaxy, Shepard just ended the quarian/geth war and in the end he gives up everything he was fighting for and gives into the reapers demands, also, in any option, if you ever played the batarian DLC in ME2 you would know that destroying a relay causes a supernova, therefore, shepard could of possibly of killed Billions of more people in seconds than the reapers ever could.

  • Megadri

    I really enjoyed Mass Effect 3, despite the ending, my problem was the delivery and the loopholes. Hopefully these scenes will make me feel a little better opposed to the “nope, you’re dead” ending we were initially given. 

  • Zoe Demar

    After I played ME3 through the first or second time…I went back through ME2 again and found that the ending was much more epic/drawn out than what was provided to ME3.  I do believe that having more content can give me a better and more deserving end to the series.  I didn’t need a dramatic change of story line (even if I think indoctrination would have been awesome!) but I feel like I need a sense of consequence to my Sheppard’s choices.

  • Rjhopkins9999

    So they are just leaving the broken, horribly truncated, incoherent “dream sequence”, that basically makes no sense unless Shep is indoctrinated?

    Still, not as bad D3, but disappointing nonetheless. 

  • Arin Davidson

    Which color of fireworks do you prefer ? red, green or blue? Oh, I didn’t know they had mass effect teleporters either, why the hell is my chars love interest sleeping with Joker? why did no one in sheps squad not kill joker for running away? why did joker all of a sudden get cold feet fighting the reapers when he knew what was at stake? joker would never of abandoned shepard or the battle. So let me get this straight, While joker was fighting reapers above earth he simultaneously ran away? He didn’t run away when he attacked the collector  home base. Also, the god child, where is my paragon /renegade speech checks? like really? I couldn’t of just told the little prick to got to hell or just put a bullet in his head? seriously, the holes in the plot after the harbingers beam are one screw up after another, it’s like someone who never played the game went through the ending and said “:red green blue and everything else is the same”.