Microsoft Surface Tablet game changer claims

When Microsoft announced the Surface device last week there were a few consumers who thought they were talking about the table-sized device from a few years ago, but no, this time they were discussing their entry into the tablet market, which as we know is a very tough one to crack. However, the early signs look very promising and there have even been claims that this could be a game changer.

Those claims do sound a little premature because we currently only have limited information so far, but even little extras like a USB and SD Card slot shows that Microsoft are taking what’s good from the PC and trying to make it even more portable. However, where Microsoft could truly dominate is with the games, as they have the knowhow, but they need to implement this on their new tablet.

On paper Microsoft could do very well, but they have one huge obstacle in the way and that’s the iPad. Apple is not the dominate force they once were in this market, but they are still the market leader so the Surface Tablet will have to offer something special if they have any hope of becoming a true contender.

An article has been looking at numerous ways where the Surface will be able to excel as a gaming device, and one such way is to support the Xbox 360 controller just as the PC can. Achievements could be another positive, we know how popular this is with Xbox 360 users so makes perfect sense for Microsoft to try to implement this on their upcoming tablet device.

While Surface Tablet users will not have the huge number of gaming apps available to them like iPad users, they could have use of the entire XBLA library of games, but this will all depend if the hardware is powerful enough to support those games? There’s also the possibility that the tablet could support PC games as well, again this would depend on the factor we mentioned above.

This could be the portable gaming device that Microsoft has been hoping for, but those ideas discussed above need to come to fruition if Microsoft has any hope of competing with the market leaders. Do you think any of these reasons can justify the Microsoft Surface Tablet becoming a game changer?

  • Jeffm

    I wouldn’t mind if I could download arcade or other games from XBL, I travel a lot and I have a G155 that holds my Xbox which I love but it’s cumbersome at times. So if they can make it possible for me to play Gears Of War on the surface, cool, that’s what I would get it for, portable gaming.