Patience for GTA 5 grows thin

When Rockstar announced to the world and also offered up the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto V we had assumed that the months following would be filled with more details. However, we have explained on a number of occasions that this was not the case because the developer has yet to reveal anything else. While some would suggest that this is clever and keeps us wanting more, many fans seem to share the same feeling, their patience for the game has started to grow thin.

Rockstar never follow the trend and will not spend a huge amount on advertising or even offer snippets of details whenever they have some, as they believe that this is the smartest move. Just remember how long it took Blizzard to release Diablo III after Diablo II – the wait doesn’t seem that bad after all.

We believe that we would have seen a second GTA 5 trailer by now, but the Max Payne 3 delay probably made Rockstar reevaluate this. This would make sense because the team behind the game would want to put all their effort into the next game from the Grand Theft Auto series, so we should see hear something pretty soon if this is the case.

Some fans of the franchise believe that the marketing team for Rockstar does not deserve to keep their jobs because they’re meant to generate buzz for GTA 5. However, why should they when you the fans are creating all the buzz for the game themself – we think Rockstar has done just what they set out to do?

The second trailer should be out in July and here’s proof why we think this is. Are you growing impatient for more news on GTA 5 or do you have faith in Rockstar and are happy to play the waiting game?

  • I read a lot

    It’s my Gta5, and I want it now!
    – J.G Wentworth

  • Sam. w

    when i buy gta 5 i’m gonna take my anger out on the hookers 

    • Gumby65

       I was thinking same thing, but the Sunset Blvd underpass where all the bums were congregating.

  • NycDog

    Previously I was happy to play the waiting however I was pretty convinced they would reveal something in and around the time of e3. Now my patience is wearing thin, so much so that I am beginning to look at Assassins Creed 3 more and more.

  • poo b oy

    true ive got bored of waiting and ive lost all interest in this so boooooooring!

  • anonomouse

    My patience had run out a good few weeks ago… Though it’s pretty clear that people aren’t not going to buy the game are they? Why would Rockstar NEED to release a trailer?!

    • Fudge you

      If you lost your patience many weeks prior to now, why are you on a GTA V article?  

      • Fudge you too

         Stop being picky.

  • Gta4ver

    The less they talk about it the better it will be, and more anticipated


    I’ll do some nasty things to get this game in 2012

  • Joe Monco

    Game is rumored to have a ton of problems. It may never get released because of this.

    • OK


  • Seth

    I’m not to sure what to think about this. I mean I know there doing it on purpose and it is working but I feel like its gone a bit to far now. I’ve been checking for news allmost evrey day now hahaha and that should show that I’m going to buy the game. Why make me read all these rumers that can’t be all true so I’m just getting my hopes up and now I’m warried that the game won’t be as good as I’m expecting becouse I’m reading all these amazing things thy I want in the game but really feel like it can’t be that good. Can it?

    • Adude

      you spelt rumours wrong  

      • Djjd

        you spelled “spelled” wrong

        • Xavi

          In varieties of English from outside the U.S., spelt and spelled both work as past-tense and past-participial forms of spell. They are interchangeable, and both are common.

  • Clay

    Im mad. I want to know about the game I want FACTS!

    • Ruth

      You want the truth?
      You want the TRUTH?

  • Neil

    At first I was very impatient about the lack of details, but I am now starting to think of how Rockstar could be using more time to make the game better. I seem to be on both sides in this situation though. GTA is my all-time favorite game series, so all I’m going to say is that I hope the wait is worth it. 

    SIDE NOTE: This is more of something I hope for, but if you all haven’t seen videos of iCEnhancer 2.0 or 2.1 for GTA IV, it is honestly worth checking it out on youtube. The graphics enhancers for the PC versions of GTA is amazing, so I hope that Rockstar incorporate something like that for outstanding graphics and realism.

  • Morgan77740

    T_T people sure our patience is growing thin im a patienct person ane even im going WTF but if the gameing industry keeps giveing us all theses dates to look forward to then perhaps they are just boosters so maby we should just wait and see what happens in july…besides this is GTA we are talking about, IDK who you are or how bad/good your patience is AS SOON AS GTA COMES OUT YOU KNOW YOUR GONNA BUY IT, ARNT YOU!? I think that alone should keep all of use gamers going for a few months not the info leading up to the game just when the game comes out. (Y) cus i know thats keeping me going not all this BS on the internet.

  • kynzing

    Like the previous guy said earlier i was very impatient about the game but now i think that Rockstar must be trying to make it a better game.I just heard about a leak that rockstar is using the motion scan technology that was used in L.A.Noire to make its faces and reactions more realistic.And they are not releasing the game because they just released mp3.And they would be busy in launching new DLCs for it so lets start playing the game of patience 

    • kockzing

       Grand Theft Auto is developed by Rockstar North, Max Payne 3 was developed by Rockstar Games, Max Payne 3 and GTA V are NOT related in terms of release or delays due to DLC’s.

      • Dj

        Max Payne is developed by Rockstar Vancouver in Canada and Rockstar London in Britain.  GTA is made by Rockstar North in Britain.

  • Sgt Murpho

    The longer it takes the better it will be. There really is no reason it shouldn’t be released in October to November 2012! That gives Rockstar 4 more months to perfect this game. Have your cash in hand this Fall

  • Donilliz

    I Think the reason the rockstar company release the trailer was for people to catch attention that a new grand theft auto coming out…in the trailer was a teaser soo that way people cant wait to buy the game.but why release the trailer way early in 2012 then release it in 2013 rockstar need to make there mind.cause with all the new games comming out this year..they might be so fun that people would forgot about the new gta 5 cause they took to long to release it…

    • Grand theft thefty

      Well all I can say is that I won’t be forgetting it. And you won’t ether becouse your on this website waiting for new news just like the rest of us.

  • MusiicMan

    Some fans of the franchise believe that the marketing team for Rockstar does not deserve to keep their jobs because they’re meant to generate buzz for GTA 5. However, why should they when you the fans are creating all the buzz for the game themself.. that is why they are so good  

  • Ardee

     I actually forgot this game existed to be fair?

  • Anne Ostrich

    They leak stuff intentionally to create a buzz.

  • Gaffy Edwards

    I think their methods work to a point but we deserve more than no information at all! In the end it wont matter because in a year when the release has been and gone no one will be complaining! Not even the release date, as soon as they release more information no one will even remember the information black out. However, I’m growing impatient with it like everyone else and justifiably so. 

  • Cdogbiscuits

    I have to say that yes our patience is growing thin and the game will be amazing, hopefully. I will glady buy it if its beaten gta 4. But one thing im a little excited for is the turning of the cars! It looks like it will be a little easier than gta 4 no friction skidding. But the tension Is growing and it will most likely come out next year. I usually see commercials such as thr first come out 9 months to a year before the game is released so gamers can pre order and comapnies will make most money like that. Thank you.

  • Saul

    Dude, you need to hire an editor. Reading through that was painful.

  • Mattn106

    I guarantee you we will see something this Saturday. That’s when trailer 2 of GTA IV came out 

    • UnknownUser28


  • Aloan Moreira

    Pictures. Get it R*? say 3 HD pictures that show some interesting scene! that will get the whole internet talking again! but none? come on! Yes the trailer was amazing, no doubt. But we love pictures, because they are even sharper to admire! Oh heck, ok, bring on the next video. Yes it speaks way more than pictures. July? ok, good to know then. 😀

  • Albert Duh Silvuh

    Why did my game flop? I guess it was the delays. Or the ah, I don’t know. That thing. That silence. You see it in the lack of trailers.

    • PeteHuffington

      That had me laughing

  • Blasteroid77

    i really hope that the main character we all are under the impression is, is not the main character. that would be so disappointing, very disappointing. i almost dont even care anymore about this game and would much rather play GTA IV San Andreas on the RAGE. 

    • UnknownUser28

      well go do that then, im pretty sure you will still buy the game anyway

      • Dj

        How can he go and play San Andreas on the RAGE engine???  The RAGE engine is what powers GTA IV. lol

  • no

    GTA is just a game that does not need hype to sell it.  We would love another trailer, but it’s really not necessary, all of the people who would buy it are going to buy it.

  • Bimmins

    I hope GTA5 comes out 2012 but i highly doubt it.
    History shows they usually release around april may ETC red dead redemption, la noire and max payne 3.

    • Buttmins

       GTA games have always been released in October, GTA IV is different due to bugs with the PS3 version.

  • Zachairattack

    Don’t judge release dates from other games you have no idea how long they have been working on this project they don’t always come out during April that was just 1 game release and max Payne came out during may so don’t say it’s not coming out this year because it’s still possible

    • Dj

      They have been working on GTA V since 2008. It is made at Rockstar North in the UK. January this year Rockstar North advertised for people to become games testers for £14,000 a year and test GTA V. They warned games testing wasnt all it was cracked up to be and said testers would be testing the same little segments over and over for hours at a time. Also ALL GTA games have launched in October (apart from GTA IV which had a 6 month delay because the PS3 version had bugs and it was their first time having to make the game for 2 consoles instead of 1)

  • Ssm88

    your all going to buy it no matter how long it takes to come out, cry on the internet all you want about it taking too long, on launch day you will still scurry down the local game store for it like good little sheep

    • How?

      No, I won’t.

    • Sexual_Ninja

      I wont be buying it now either, im moving on to somthing else to keep me occupied until next gen releases. I will now get Far Cry 3,Forza Horizon,Need 4 Speed Most Wanted,Medal of Honour,Hitman Absolution for christmas and they will keep me busy till next gen arrive. wont be buying a single game in 2013 as ill be saving for next gen. Im a huge GTA fan too, bought all the previous titles in the franchise, Rockstar pissed me off doing this tho!

      Didnt and wont  buy Max Payne 3 either ( i bought the other 2)

    • Kawasakimental

      Not true unfortunately. I am undecided on GTAV. I already avoided Max Payne 3 because im unhappy at the way R* are treating their dedicated fans.

      I dont want the game to be rushed or think delays are necessarily bad. However i do think purposfully witholding information to generate buzz is both pointless (with such a succesful history and dedicated fanbase) greedy and mostly just disrespectful.

      Had they released more information i’d be much more interested, much more excited and much more willing to give them my hard earned wages (buy buying Max Payne 3). I will now avoid it or possibly wait until i can get it 2nd hand just so R* doesnt get my money. Petty? Well so is R*’s current “Marketing strategy” if you can keep a straight face long enough to call it that.

  • Dubford

    This guy below me is awesome

    • Brad47

      thank you for the compliment 

  • Gumby65

    Chillin’ it’ll be here when it gets here.  Kinda hopin’ it’s before Dec 21 2102, but whatever.

  • Tkennedy220

    GTA will probably most likely be out before christmas so all the minors can beg their mommies to buy it for them

  • ShutTheFuckUpNTweet

    Gangstar until gta5

    • Gangstar


  • GET A MOVE ON!!!

    Sick of waiting now been waiting since i heard of it! rockstar needs to pull their finger out of their asses and get a move on. I bought max payne 3 and a waste of money that was! they need something amazing to make up to £45 i spend idiots!!!!

  • Swanseajack62

    Just a quick one, i have noticed how people talk about buying the game  and release was delayed for MP3 etc, 
    I buy a game every 3-4 weeks personally maybe more if i see a good title, granted i work and don’t have to get anyone to buy my games for me (not meant to offend anyone).
    How often do people buy games, and would the clash of 2 big titles effect the purchase of games and time frames, my opinion is that this can’t be much of a problem, but that is just me,…..

  • Ed

    I used to google “GTA5” every day for new news stories. Its got to the point where i now only check once a week. Rockstar your marketing is backfiring on yourself.

    • No Limit Inc

      I still Google it once a day, except i’m starting to think its hopeless. I think once more information has been released, the information will find a way to me instead of me looking for it because it will just be that big of a deal.

  • No Limit Inc

    Who says the marketing team shouldn’t keep their jobs?? If anything they should get a raise, they’ve released one trailer and over 7 months later there’s a huge storm over the game. I don’t think Rockstar hires amateurs, I think the marketing team knows exactly what their doing, even if its driving everyone crazy. 

  • al

    thats cool they can go on with their stupid way of marketing i would buy a good game like this even if i could download it for free cos its a good game but this is just annoying so when the time comes il probably just download it and not give them a penny

  • noober suckston

    We should make jokes about GTA V not releasing. Just like Half Life Ep. 3. 

    • No Limit Inc

      definitely, please begin….

  • Erik

    hey you jerkoff first of all you seem to be hating on gta alot second maybe the reason there taking so long is because they want the game to be great

  • Bigboner

    i think theyre going to release gta 5 pretty soon because they released max payne a month ago, so wat do they got to work on? only thing thats left is gta 5.

  • Tom Harrison

    Some people need to get a life. If your patience is getting ‘thin’ with a certain developer then you really need to get out more. Do people not have anything better to do than wait for a video game? Yes it will be great, but surely you have other things to do with your time than wait for a video game, for example socialise….

  • Tomsojourner

    I’m a developer at Rockstar and GTA 5 will be released on December 17th, 2013. Your patience will be rewarded because GTA 5 will be the greatest game ever created.

    • Drew

       If that’s the case, Rockstar can take the game and shove it up its ass.

    • Soft Whispers

      I used to be a developer at Rockstar, then I took an arrow in the knee.  *trollface*