PS3 4.20 update same day as Skyrim DLC

Tomorrow will see the release of PS4 4.20 update, which as you know is the same day that Skyrim is to get its very first DLC, although not for Sony’s console. We have yet to receive the full notes for the firmware update, but we’re certain they will be made available shortly after the download has gone live.

We do know that PS4 v4.20 will bring with it support for virtual surround sound functionality, but only when watching a Blu-ray movies and using the official Wireless Stereo Headset – so not ideal for all then. It’s also been reported that there will be improvements to saved management data, which is to offer more options.

There’s also another option that will allow you to select your desired time for when you wish your PlayStation 3 console to shut itself off automatically. There’s going to be added Microsoft sidetone levels, which was a feature brought in from the previous update.

We can’t be certain of a time but it should be early hours of the morning, which is also when we’re expecting Dawnguard downloads to begin, although we have yet to receive confirmation of this. Let’s just hope that Sony has done a better job than v4.10 because that was hounded by system freezes, then again why would this time be any different?

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