Skyrim Dawnguard bugs not evident, yet

With less than a day to go until the download for Skyrim Dawnguard goes live, we’re pleased to know that during the beta period for Xbox 360 users they haven’t found any bugs yet. If any had been evident then tomorrow’s release of the first DLC for Skyrim would not have gone ahead. However, that’s not saying that once the new content is made available to the masses problems will not arise, but if there are then these will be patched in time for PC and PS3 users can get their hands on it.

When Bethesda released Skyrim at the end of last year the game suffered from a huge number of glitches, with the PlayStation 3 being the worst. It’s obvious that each platform fan will give you something different but for the most part the Xbox 360 was considered more stable. The reason for this is because most of the work for The Elder Scrolls V was done on the 360, which means that many of the early bugs were patched ahead of release.

There was always the assumption that the PC version was the most stable, but this was not the case. There were several texture issues but thanks to modding these issues were resolved pretty quickly. Fans of Skyrim have wondered what has taken the developer so long to bring out the first DLC for Skyrim and most gamers believe that it was the constant issues with the PS3 version that took Bethesda’s focus – let’s hope this doesn’t happen again.

There’s a fear that once the PS3 version of Dawnguard is released next month we will begin to see bugs appear once more – if they ever went away that is. If Dawnguard does release with little or no bugs do you feel this will be the same story once the PC and PlayStation versions are released?

  • Xhofer

    Just my luck, no bugs found in the beta and as soon as I loaded it up EVERYONE in the world became hostile toward me

    • Carlbenmiller

      I had to reload my save before traveling to Fort Dawnguard multiple times because on the map it would have the correct maker but lead you into Riften. Also, if you travel to the location where the cave entrance is it actually isn’t loaded.

  • Liam

    do not buy dawn guard if you have done the stormcloak campaign! there is a mission about an hour in to the dlc where you must ask an imperial guard the location of a moth priest, but because i had done the stormcloak campaign i had killed that soldier, and i was unable to progress :@

    • Matt

       You don’t need to ask anyone, it’s optional. I did the Stormcloacks as well. Go to Dragon Bridge and look around there.

  • Albet789

    You can’t even do it, Devion Evicus the moth priest keeps attacking me at random and you need him GRRR

  • AtomikDestruktor

    Loads of glitches, Devion Evicus attacking everyone and cannot be interacted with, can’t make any progress with the quest, annoying as f*ck

  • Shavergp

    after downloading dawn guard i can’t start a new game, the dragon at the beginning just flies around in circles, doesn’t land

  • Timothy Dolan

    Game keeps randomly permanantly freezing up while trying to help the Serana’s mom. Cant kill more than 2 keepers without it freezing up so far.

  • Christian

    Yup, i have the enraged moth priest glitch as well. Bethesda needs to take whatever is up his butt out, now.

  • Nlg0405

    I’ve got the xbox360 version, and the bugs in Dawnguard are TERRIBLE.  I’m stuck on this one part of the quest New Oder where you help someone named Gunmar go into a cave to kill a bear.  Only the bear isn’t there.  Inside is a troll, and after killing that, the quest arrow is stuck on the floor of the cave, and Gunmar keeps saying “We ave to kill this beast before it hurts anyone else” or something like that.  I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the dlc, which had no effect whatsoever.  Now I can’t even continue the quest, defeating the purpose of buying the dlc anyway.  I hope there’s some kind of patch/fix for this soon.