UK Nintendo 3DS XL price comparison

With prices expected to range anywhere from £179.99 to £249.99 for the Nintendo 3DS XL in the UK we are compelled to take a look at the price comparison for British consumers. The enlarged handheld is due for release on the 28th of July and customers will be searching for the best bargain possible, so here are a few quotes knocking around a the moment.

HMV is set to stock Nintendo’s new 3DS XL at the more reasonable price of £179.99, according to the retailer, although the RRP is the first issued from a major UK games retailer. CVG were informed of what HMV will be charging and expect others like GAME and GameStation to mirror this value. It seems Nintendo does not set hardware RRPs in Europe, with retailers using the trade price and international RRPs as a guide.

In the US the cost will be around $199 although the UK has experienced differing responses with ShopTo and pricing theirs at £179.99, though had cited an RRP of £199.99. Zavvi are selling the device at about £210, expecting the RRP to come in at £249.99. No news has come from the Superstores yet, although a spokesperson for Tesco informed CVG that it is “too early” to list the Nintendo 3DS XL.

Launching in Europe and Japan on the 28th the handheld will see weeks before it hits retail in the US, as North American retailers, will begin selling the new handheld from August 19th. Japan will see the 3DS XL go for about 18,900 ($235), and £179.99 is about $280 to translate current exchange rates. With a 4.88 inch top screen, a 4.18 inch bottom touch-screen and in some regions coming with a 4GB SD card, and a recent investigation into the high prices that Zavvi were thought to be charging for the Nintendo 3DS XL have been noted as considerably lower than the above estimate, in the range of £167.95, with a listed launch date of July 27th.

In relation to this last week we wrote about whether the second circle pad will be expected anytime soon as this attachment seems to be missing in action. Would you be more inclined to buy it if this revision had the second slide pad included? Alternatively, do you think £179.99 is a good price for the Nintendo 3DS XL?

  • Amy Brooks

    Wow that’s a rip off

    • G Eeeeeeeee


  • Ben78177

    £130-40 should be the price, purely because it offers nothing new other than a bigger screen and longer battery life they should of kept the card size to 2GB as it’s enough and make the 4GB cartridge optional, it’s pathetic that Nintendo release this now and try and rip off people who have already bought a 3DS by making them pay another £180-£230 (or another £100 if traded in) and they should of released this at the same time as the normal 3DS or should have waited until both version were ready.

  • Leon_bee

    wow want it