Xbox 720 to address Kinect complaints

Even though Microsoft has yet to confirm their next-gen device, which we assume will be called the Xbox 720, there’s no getting away from the fact that something is going on considering a recently leaked document. We already have our own ideas of what is to come, and it’s clear to see that the biggest push from the Xbox 360 maker is with their next motion-control device, Kinect 2.

Kinect 2 will play a huge part with the next Xbox and while some would see this as a bad move, we have to reside in the fact that this is the way gaming is progressing. With this in mind Microsoft will need to address the number of Kinect complaints, but we should remember that this is new to them and it hasn’t been that bad for their first release.

The first issue and most obvious is how far you need to be away from the device in order for it to correctly register you, thankfully from what we know from the leaked document along with some common sense you will be able to stand much closer, and still offer more accurate controls. What the minimum distance will be reduced to we do not know, but to make the Kinect 2 more appealing to the masses it will need to be reduced significantly.

Currently the system only allows for up to two players, but this could be increased to four while sitting or standing, and there’s the possibility that Kinect 2 could register props, which could make games much more fun. What will make this possible is the use of not one but two Kinect sensors, which would come bundled in one box.

These are just a few needed improvements for Kinect, but what others can you suggest?

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