Amazing Spider-Man costume review

Today is a huge day for gamers in the way of new content and releases, with The Amazing Spider-Man video game being one of them. The early signs do look promising, but one area of focus is with the costume choice because it’s clear to see that with such a variety will help to give the game a positive review by the fans.

The developer has included a huge choice of suits that you will get to wear throughout the game; this was the same with Spider-Man Shattered Dimension back in 2010 but only had a choice of four. The latest game released today featuring our favorite superhero has a choice of seven suits, which are as follows: The Negative Zone Suit, The Black Suit, The Belt-less Suit, The Vigilante Suit, The Scarlet Spider, The Spider-Morphosis and finally The Future Foundation Suit.

All these costumes have different features and appeared in previous Spider-Man movies and comics. These costumes are not available from the start and will require you to unlock them as you progress through the game. Precise details on each of these costumes can be viewed here.

Let’s not lose sight of the fact that there’s so much more to this game than just the costumes, the story is good and has great visuals and combat mechanics, although the swinging mechanic could have been a little better. However, one of the best features if you are a fan of Marvel is the chance to play as Stan Lee, who has inherited almost all of Spider-Man’s abilities, which you can see for yourself here.