Need For Speed: Most Wanted a Burnout hybrid

Need For Speed: Most Wanted is expected to be released at the end of October this year with hopes to build on the success of 2010’s Hot Pursuit. With the developers stressing this is not a direct sequel to the 2005 title they put the emphasis on not creating sequels to other peoples games.

From what had been seen with the E3 preview there are a few different aspects in this game that are reminiscent of Burnout Paradise as opposed to the original 2005 title or Hot Pursuit, and the challenges seen in the demo are more familiar to Burnout fans. Suggesting that this is a good thing, Gaming Lives write about their experience of the E3 preview classing it as a refined and superior version of the last Burnout game.

Speed: Most Wanted has given cause for excitement and it is expected to be the ultimate open-world racer and probably one of the best titles this year. Due out on the 30th October this game will have many little secrets darted around the map as a reward for exploration, and according to Criterion, venturing off the beaten track can result in a discovery of a cool supercar. The multiplayer will be ideal for fans of Burnout Paradise as this game combines all the best aspects and more content is unlockable for those completing in challenges and acquiring speed points.

A couple of weeks ago we looked at how gamers have influenced titles like Need for Speed: Most Wanted as the feedback for this has been innovative, especially since last year’s The Run was not as highly rated as expected. Asking for advice on how this was perceived is a great way for this years release to have various opinions taken into consideration, and Criterion has been focusing on the negative views of the previous game to make this better than before.

With a feeling that Criterion has completely reinvented the Need for Speed franchise, the graphics are said to be brilliant and there will be plenty of replayable action involved in this outing. With this in mind we are concerned whether those not over keen on Burnout Paradise turning away from this and those who loved titles like Need For Speed: Underground 2 may want to see two games, one Burnout and one Need For Speed. Do you feel that this game sounds like it has some of the best elements of both titles?

  • Madman

    NFS Most Wanted 2012 having elements of both Burnout Paradise & previous Need For Speed Most Wanted 2005 is fine by me. I have read all over the web complaints about this upcoming October release having little or nothing to do with the original game and that it should not be named NFS-Most Wanted at all. As far as I am concerned Criterion is right on track. 2010’s NFS-Hot Pursuit was a more than welcome refresh into the NFS lineup. Even with Hot Pursuit’s limitations it had longevity and repeat gameplay for me, I’ll still play it! When ‘NFS-Shift’ came out, my thought was it could of stood on it’s own title just ‘Shift’ and did not need the NFS title. I felt it was not in the NFS style enough to warrant or deserve the extra NFS monicker. ‘Shift’ was a good game but far off from NFS territory if you ask me even though it somewhat reflected a little of ‘NFS-Pro Street’. At the time I was looking for a ‘street’ racing game and we got a racetrack only game. 2010’s Hot Pursuit changed all that and got things back on track. 2011’s ‘The Run’ had a more challenging driving physic but the game suffered so many downfalls in limitations and forced racing tiers just to get to you’re favorite race. Once hearing the announcement that Criterion was back on board and producing the next NFS game I knew the comeback of racing on the street with cops on you’re six is going to be a blast come October. So push on Criterion you’re fans await. Doesn’t matter to me if the title is ‘Burnout’ or ‘Need For Speed’ the end results are the same. A game with fast & furious fun to be had for many months and a ‘go back too’ game over the years!
    the MADman

  • Clayton Bevas

    I am really hoping they incorporate a large amount of need for speed : most wanted 2005, and need for speed : underground 2 into this new game. As what can be seen from many many comments from people over the internet on trailers and forums, these two games were the most popular and this is what the fans seem to want, so why not give them that? It wont be just a simple copy of the original games if need for speed create a game which has aspects of most wanted 2005, underground 2 and burnout paradise.