PS Vita vs. 3DS XL: Screen size and PPI

With the release of the 3DS XL not that long away it was all too obvious that the size of the screen would be compared to the PS Vita, and while they are pretty similar, it’s a different story when it comes to the pixel density or PPI. You can see the screen size comparison clearly in the image below, but there’s always more to a screen than how big it is.

The PPI for the Nintendo 3DS XL is 400×240 whereas the PS Vita has a pixel density of 960×544, which doesn’t come as any surprise. It was never in doubt that the quality of the screen was always going to be better on the Vita when compared to the larger version of the 3DS, but we don’t have that long to wait until we see just how the two compare.

There does seem to be some doubt in regards to the pixel density of the 3DS XL because it was never that great to begin with, so making it even larger could be a huge mistake – although we could be surprised. It’s a little unfair to compare Nintendo’s latest handheld console against the Vita because the latter’s screen is considered a thing of beauty.

Having said that we know there’s so much more to gaming than just the screen. However, it’s worth pointing out that the games for the XL have been made for the smaller version and have just been enlarged, which could look a little like an iPhone app being stretched to the size of the iPad display. Then there’s the fact that some gamers would have liked to see the XL come with a second circle pad, but Nintendo decided against it.

  • Rjackson

    There would be no stretching of images, as the number of pixels will be exactly the same.  The iphone-ipad comparison doesnt work here, unless the two devices had the exact number of pixels, which they obviously don’t.  So, what will be the actual quality of the larger screen made up of larger pixels?  We will find out late July-early August…

    • PPI Claims

       Thanks for such a valuable reply. According to you The iphone-ipad comparison doesnt work here. I also think so.

    • flyinb11

      The image quality will suffer due to the fact that the same number of pixels will be larger on a larger screen. Thats why 720p looks good on a 40 inch tv, but not as good on a 60+ inch tv.

    • Fortunate

      don’t say anything without doing a research 1st..

  • Mr.Know It All

    It may look worse, but it will still sell millions…

  • steinhauershawn

    It will be like compared the Wii to a PS3 on a 40+ Inch LCD screen. Wii and  3DS’s lower resolution will pixalate everthing on a larger screen.

  • Airtightplains

    I’m happy with the first model