Release time for Mass Effect 3 DLC discussed: LIVE

Today sees the release of the latest Mass Effect DLC, known as the Extended Ending, which is said to help the game come to a better conclusion – although this is up for debate. However, what we do not know is its release time, as BioWare has failed to inform anyone of this, but this has not stopped the fans coming up with their own suggestions.

We’ve heard from some fans that contacted us giving their suggestions and there seems to be a difference of opinion. One suggestion says that the latest Mass Effect DLC will be between 12pm and 3pm EST, which means a time of 7am to 10am and 3pm to 6pm GMT.

However, 2am Mountain Standard Time was also suggested, which if correct is not that long away. It’s hard to say which of these times are correct but 5am EST is usually when the Xbox 360 gets updates, but this time has been and gone – so what’s it to be?

BioWare recently announced that there wouldn’t be any special save file to Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut, all you have to do is complete the game, install the DLC, which will then add a new save file called Legend, which will take Shepard back to the assault on the Cerberus base, this is where the end game begins.

Update: The new DLC is now live and available for download.