Relevance of GTA 5 questioned

There’s no questioning the success of the Grand Theft Auto series, along with many other titles from Rockstar, but because the franchise has had a few years off the relevance of GTA 5 is now being questioned. One reason for this is because there are now several new franchises that could be a threat to Rockstar’s gem, but these claims do seem unfounded.

What makes GTA so popular is how you don’t have to conform and also being able to go about in an open-world, but there are now more of these open-world games. However, we just don’t understand how an article asks if it’s time for Rockstar to move on?

There are so many reasons why this question is wrong and the first is even if you are not a fan of Grand Theft Auto you can still feel the effects of the game throughout the industry. Every day gamers are searching online to see if there is any news on GTA 5 and once the game does get released then the gaming world will stop and take notice proving how relevant the franchise still is.

Maybe the guy who asked the question was looking at GTA IV and how certain gamers felt Rockstar did not deliver, but some of the expansions did help to rectify its shortcomings. You can bet that the developer will be pulling out all the stops not to make a repeat of GTA IV, which we hope to see a little glimpse of once they launch the 2nd trailer.

In closing the question is irrelevant because GTA V is one of if not the most anticipated game coming to the market.

  • St Evo

    Don’t think for a minute that, while Rockstar and Take-Two are staying tight lipped, they aren’t looking at the videos for Watchdogs and taking notes from Saints Row and Just Cause.  We need to also keep in mind that GTA games are often packed with experiments in new technology (lighting, hair modeling, damage physics, and so on), and the next will be no different.  Rockstar have confidence with making gamers feel like their long waiting has paid off, and the longer they make us wait for version 5, the more we can expect from them without any fear of being let down.  Mark these words.

    • moejoe

      well said st Evo i agree with everything u say and i do MARK THEM WORDS lol

  • Spooky

    Yes, people are searching online for news of GTA5 everyday, which is why websites such as yourselves think of a completely obscure and irrelevant story about GTA5 to try to attract people to your website, nice marketing, but alas the majority of the stories we click onto are scraping the barrel and offer NO news whatsoever.

    • Lava lamp

      Well sed. This storey is utter nothing.

      • Justnmuir1

        ya whoever wrote this is a noob there no news here just so guys retarded opinnion of nothing

  • Aussiedevil

    Why on Earth does in entertainment put out an artical on GTA 5 every single day?
    no news has come from rockstar in months, so what real news do you have?
    or are you on rockstar payroll? just so that GTA 5 is always got people talking?

  • Guest

    It’s very simple, Peter Chubb is a hack, he writes sensationalist pieces of fluff to increase traffic to this sub-par website.

    • MrBowJingles

      I think calling this piece fluff is much too gracious.  Most fluff articles don’t openly declare that they’re pointless, as this article clearly does.

  • Dead Drop

    I feel compelled to comment but this article was so pointless i don’t want to waste to much intelligence thinking up something witty to say..

  • Ghettopoopstick

    WTF does this article mean? “Relevance of GTA questioned”? This article’s just a waste of internet space!

  • Boogieman309

    I hope they dont get paid for these pointless articles

  • Erik

    woah what do you mean gta iv did not deliver that storyline was awesome so slow down and what do you mean rockstar should move on imma tell you a few reasons why rockstar is beast: red dead redemption, every gta game, bully,manhunt and the warriors. these are just a few awesome games.

    • Dylan

      Don’t forget Max Payne 3….Seriously such an underrated game!! So far it’s been one of the most intricate and enjoyable games I’ve played since Metal Gear Solid IV and Unchartered 2….


    I stop reading the articles a long time ago, I am just here for the comments 

  • fuzzy

    Who’s questioned the relevance? You? Then answered in a few lines stating that the question itself is irrelevant. Poorly written drivel just to try and keep on top of the search results for gta5. Give up now!

  • Aaron Dix

    relevance of GTA 5 compared to what, real life? is any game ”relevant” to life or do these people who write these articles get bored and sit around trying to think of new things to write, and who ever thinks rockstar should ”move on” should take a look at COD series assasins creed series elder scrolls series just to name a few before telling one dev they need to move on from there marque franchise

  • Robert Sampson

    I know all you GTA fans (myself included) types “GTA 5” in Google’s search bar every few days just to see if anything happens. I know that there is always a stupid article from this site at the top of the “news” section (or at least in the top three) and I know you click it. It has “GTA 5” in the title! That’s good enough for me to click, but I’m telling you all, gamer to gamer, reader to reader, this site is complete garbage. Stop clicking, and it’ll go away. I know it’s hard but you have to bear with me for a few months until something real comes out..

    • Joewilliams66

      Oh god you were so right, this was a terribly pointless and written piece of journalism

    • MrBowJingles

      I can’t speak for the rest of the site, but this post is a perfect example of worthless commentary.

      Title:Relevance of GTA 5 questioned
      Closing sentence: “…the question is irrelevant because GTA V is one of if not the most anticipated game coming to the market.”

      The author flat-out said that the whole premise of this article is irrelevant.  They create or extrapolate on some false idea guised as a legitimate concern regarding the game / franchise, go on to discredit that false idea, then tell us that the whole thing is irrelevant anyway.

      This is beyond poor journalism; this is probably the most worthless piece I’ve read in a long, long time. Even spam articles have a point – this article is like a never-ending loop of pointlessness.

  • FanboyHunter

    Okay fanboy… way to write a one-sided article.  At least explore the other side of the argument.  I feel that the games are dated and since 3, no major changes have been presented besides graphics.

    • ?????????????????

      u obviously aint got a clue what ur talking about so shut ur trap fanboyhunter

      • ?????????????????

        no changes since 3 besides graphics, ur obviously a hater of this game

  • Aloan Moreira

    I loved your article and understood it perfectly. And another reason for the downwards feel of the relevance is the lack of news from R*.  But we both know that even if it’s hard on our hearts to not be fed with exciting new things from the game, I for one, will love the game anyways when it’s out. And yes, GTAIV did not deliver as I hope it would. Yes it was an awesome game. But what I was wishing for, only now, will R* deliver. GTA San Andrea’s style of gameplay. And I am happy for every GTAV article coming everyday, from Google news, even if contains nothing new. It’s not the writer’s fault.

    • MrBowJingles

      This is totally the writer’s fault. Even if this piece is the result of some contractual obligation based on a predetermined number of articles every x days (or whatever) or page view quotas he has to reach, it’s his lack of thinking skills, lack of creativity or outright apathy that led to this pointless commentary.

      It’s not that this article contains nothing new, which is bad enough in itself, it’s that the writer tells us the sole idea the article was based on is irrelevant.

  • AaAnderson

    you say theres other games like gta 5 that can be a threat to rockstar.. but what? saints row blows compared to GTA.. so what else is there ? APB? hahah

    • Boi

      Sleeping dogs err watchdogs you not heard of theses?? Where have you been? Still GTA will be amazing in its own way as usual and I will buy all three anyway, and you are right imo, saints row is pony :-)

      • Ray21j

        Just cause watch dogs is open world does not make it gta! Can you bang a hooker? Fly anything? Drive anything? Get buff or fat?? Fly a jet pack? No! Watch dogs just has nice graphics and is open world, who cares.

        • Boi

          Yes you can do theses things probably but we are not saying it’s GTA it’s just more games that are similar and are worth looking at. Stop being a fan boy young one.

  • Anononymous


  • Brandondaprodigy

    gta 4 DID satisfy and was a great game, just not as good as certain previous GTA titles

  • Boi

    Some people just do not understand this article. Some of you use big words trying to sound clever but you obviously just swallowed a dictionary. This article exists because someone has been talking out of their glory hole. GTA games will be around forever.

    • Boi

      Oh did you like my nod at GTA V :-) I can’t wait to visit the glory hole (it is a club or something you see it in the trailer(if you dint notice it)).

    • SwagMonster

      Lets all take a trip back to 2002 when tony hawk was relevant, but then the series was killed. Call and duty and GTA are both going down this road.

      • Boi

        I kind of agree yes this happened to the great old tony hawk series and I deff would not argue about the cod series I deff am not buying the new one, new at least. They should have just kept updating the original games and that would keep the fire burning. This will not happen with GTA, maybe a few will give up on it but I don’t know what is wrong with these people :*) GTA will last much longer if not forever because they take their time to make a quality product. I hope we get extra map for GTA V in dlc in the future aswell and graphical updates too.

      • Neolmoto

        But GTA doesn’t have a new game coming out every single year. GTA comes out every 4 to 5 years and it leaves the players wanting more. The reason COD and tony went out is because the players were and are getting tired of paying money for the same game year after year.

  • FlatLeg

    -__- gta…my favorite game off all time but for now, but i pretend gta5 never even had a trailer or even announced

  • Dommovieman

    ill die if gta ends!

  • Wrestlermitch

    Rockstar games sucks if gta ends

  • derper derper

    after gta 5 Im pretty sure we’ll see a new vice city, I mean come on, gta 4 was in a “new universe” of the gta world and gta 5 is apart of that so anyone with the right mind will know that from all of the 15 gta titles theres been theres like 3 of liberty city, vice city and los antos.

    but after that I wish for a remake of gta 2 future style xD

    • Joseph Walker

      They need to do a redo with Carl, he is my favorite character and that was the best game, in my opinoin.

    • Lava lamp

      Yeah it makes sense for them to do vice city and if they do you can bet it would look beautifull. Or they could go back to good old London town. I’d like that

  • Yamaha88

    It kind of makes me laugh really, they just make things up day in day out.  Thinking of how they can reword the same crap they posted yesterday.  I bet they sit tugging staring at their page view counter seeing how many people are visiting their crappy site.  This has to be said cause I am just well and truly fed up of searching for some genuine information on the game and coming across this every time I do.  Get a life, please we don’t want anymore of this bull!  If you have nothing truthful to write DO NOT write anything at all.  That’s my rant over with.  Roll on GTA V baby…!!!

  • Yingkongwei

    Google said they’d block websites that farmed views with rubbish…like this one. Every single day there’s a new article about nothing with horrible grammar from one of the Chubbs

  • Safetydance

    We can dance if we want to
    We can leave your friends behind
    ‘Cause your friends don’t dance and if they don’t dance
    Well they’re no friends of mine

  • Lord_Santa

    More crap from this website and “Peter Chubb”. I’m never coming here again.

  • Mike fiorello

    whoever wrote this is retarded look at everysingle comment below they all say everything you guys write is “irrelevent” ohh burrn.. but ye GTA is the best game ever made always will be and anything you write saying otherwise is a lie to get your page views. well i aint comin back

    • Earnest

      good riddance!

  • Francis Psola

    Where’d you go to Journalism school?  Your dad’s crotch?