Servers down for SWTOR patch 1.3

A recent announcement by BioWare has informed us that servers will be down today for MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic in preparation for patch 1.3, and the update will be available to download once the servers are back up and running. The maintenance is scheduled to last for approximately four hours from 8am to 12pm GMT, yet Bioware warned that it could be longer.

The 1.3 “Allies” patch is set to include the new Legacy System along with other bonuses and treats, and this news is reported on Inc This update will also contain ranked Warzones and a Group Finder tool, which allows users to quickly find a group for Flashpoints, Operations, or Heroic planet missions. The new Legacy System will involve advancement benefits that give experience boosts for Warzones, Flashpoints, Story Missions, and Space Missions.

In an article on Web Pro News they mention the group finder aspect and the changes involved including all the features announced for patch 1.3, and although this is a major update for SWTOR, they also highlight that there will be no extra content available in this one, as far as new Operations or Warzones are concerned. Information is hazy on how many subscribers have dropped off since its release yet it is has been suggested that the loss has accumulated due to the massive population of Diablo 3 fans, so this could have an affect when it comes to Electronic Arts financial results.

Do you feel that with the group finder finally implemented SWTOR developers can now focus on more content?

  • Rkylecawford

    Diablo AND SWTOR down at same time! Conspiracy!  Right after health care challenged! Its Obama! 😉

  • Christina

    Who cares…. Crap game anyhow.

    • Boboman2393

      Your opinion of course. I love swtor !

    • Bill

       The game is not crap a lot of people like this game me being one of them and just because you dont like a game does not make it crap. Sure there are problems with the game I am not saying it is perfect but name one MMO that is perfect and dont say WoW because it is not perfect and had lots of problems the months following its release to.