Skyrim Dawnguard DLC release time confusion: LIVE

Confusion surrounding the release time of Skyrim Dawnguard DLC will have fans who expect it today searching to see when it will actually land in their region, and although details of this were unpredictable due to the beta, many gamers have the opportunity to get their hands on the expansion today.

The lucky ones here are the Xbox 360 owners, as those expecting to play soon on the PS3 or PC will have to wait another month. The Skyrim DLC on the Xbox is available today between 6AM and 7AM PST translating to 9/10AM EST and 2/3PM in the UK, and will set gamers back 1,600 points, which is pretty good value considering the Shivering Isles expansion for Oblivion was 2400 Microsoft points.

The release date for this was highlighted in yesterday’s article over on Product Reviews, and in that they mention a recent tweet from the official Bethesda account and the Xbox Live updates giving a clear release time. This exclusive is also said to be only available in the English versions, so it will probably be another month before other languages are accessible.

By the time this goes out many of you will have had the chance to obtain this DLC and we sympathize with those waiting patiently for the PlayStation and PC versions to come. Do you feel that 1,600 points for this DLC is a good deal? Are you hoping that this will be the start of more downloadable content? Maybe you feel that Xbox Live should issue notifications telling you exactly when this DLC is available alerting users of clear news on release time to avoid any confusion.

Update: Dawnguard is now live on Xbox Live, now all you need to do is download, install and make your choice between good and evil.

  • Chris Humphreys

    agree with this completely xbox should notify customers with times and dates especially when they are advertising it and selling it shops days before it comes out also 1600 points… not too bad maybe the start of something good?

    • Iod2908

      I’m waiting …………..come on I wanna be a vamp Lord already

      • Iod2908

        Its on here in wa

  • Chris Humphreys

    oh and thanks for the info was great help.

  • Firstinline


  • mog9715

    Its on xbox marketplace now!

    • Jamesdlol

      its not on marketplace i just checked im from uk btw where you from?

    • Trace_hamm

      Where r u at I’m est I was hoping six am but Idk when it’s comin

  • Imacunt

    Well I may have sympathy for ps3 owners but not pc owners they had the creation kits too keep them going wilst we got sweet F.A and they also got a texture pack were I’m lucky if I get my original textures.

  • Smorgans08

    Not in uk yet

  • Brad_rush49

    if your inaustralia its been on the marketplace for like half and hour its so awsum

  • Chris Humphreys

    is anyone actually reading this article? uk? 2-3PM its there for a reason to be helpful 

    • Pete

      It’s wrong it’s out now unless me playing it is all in my imagination!

  • shadthehat

    Im in the UK, and I’ve just bought it through the xbox live website. Might leave work early today…

  • Norristim14

    its not on the market place yet?!?!?!?!?!

    • Norristim14


  • Vietnam

    Its on XBOX live put your disc in and press x for game details go all the way to the right and there it is.

    • Norristim14


  • Bram

    Thanks.  Buying it on the PC, I still have great mods, so it’s not that bad waiting a month.

  • Vietnam

    Heres How to find the DLC
    Insert Disc>Press X on game window>Go to extras>See All>Go all the way to the right.

  • 123

    It’s available on Live, but not immediately obvious if you go to the marketplace to look for it.  Go to addons from the main menu, then use the link to go to the marketplace and it will be at the top.

  • Davee Mcclinron

    I bought it early and my activation code isnt available yet :[

  • Kb216

    I’m in UK and downloading it now. Can’t wait 😀

  • Guest

    In Canada and should be done downloading soon…

  • Smorgans08

    Y do peple say it’s out when it’s clear on web it’s not till 2-3 in uk so y

  • bb

    it wasn’t actually appearing in my xbox live marketplace even when i went to extra see all and all the way to the right! So i went to the xbox live website on my laptop and bought it there! It then appeared in my active downloads! Hopes this helps some people!

    • bb

      oh and im from the UK so actually IT IS OUT IN THE UK NOW! : D

    • Sakusenaldros

      i never thought of that. thanks. hope it is available on the website in spain

  • soon

    i have PS3  :(

    but ps3’s got better graphics and quality hahahahaha

    • WingedAvian

      im sure ive read numerous articles saying the xbox is the better quality machine with better graphics…and we don’t get hacked either

      • Twsited

        nope….. the processor on the 360 is greater up has a worse gpu and ram…. consider yourself schooled!!

  • Ani_reloaded2005

    Enjoy testing the bugs out Xbox360 users. Hopefully PC and PS3 users will get a refined proper release.

    • yo mamma

      what i would imagine that is actually happening is one of two things: they have a workable release for the xbox and know that people won’t flip out as hard over the bugs, ps3 is still having bug problems esp. with the saves, and they’re holding on the pc users because pc users expect higher quality and to send out bug patches constantly would a)take up a lot of servers since there’s so many pc players for the game, and b)piss off players who use/dev mods (which is probably 99% of pc users), as they would likely have to update mods constantly for bug fixes.  

      that, or microsoft paid them to release on xbox first because they want people to buy xboxes.  i personally think it’s the first scenario.  

  • Gruventhegreat

    Funny how you guys say Xbox will be buggy but the product already passed through the BETA and is fine. Skyrin on Ps3 is damn near unplayable. Stop bein butthurt and get a console where you have to pay for content,then you wont have to wait a month.

    • soon

      do some reserch the PS3’s core is 3 time’s as powerfull as the Xbox 360 and its as good even maby better than a pro modifide computer

      • WingedAvian

        but not good enough not to get hacked?

        • soon

          the only reason it was the only gameing company that got hacked because the other’s arn’t worth it. anyway i got 4 full games out of it because of the hacking

        • Twsited

          um…. blizzard got hacked, Microsoft got hacked, Activision got hacked, SoE got hacked, nintendo got hacked…… but Sony get slated for saying they got hacked and are turning off the servers to make them more secure….. and i didnt know the ps3 was a server…. as in the place where information is held…. not the console its self…. duckin fanboi’s….. i own both ps3 and 360 and a gaming pc….. i play each for what they’re good at…. Ps3 is online community… less children and game hacking, boosting losers who have nothing better todo like on the 360….. xbox live as a service is great and you can see what you pay for but its just not a games console anymore its turned into a ‘ you are the controller’ piece of rubbish and i cant even be arsed waving at it anymore….. 

      • Gruventhegreat

        I thought I was in the reply box…damn phone surfing.

      • Twsited

        no its not…….. its at best a dualcore…… my pc cost me the same price as a ps3 to build and is 10x as powerful as the specs for the ps4 and the 720 combined……. lets face it for the console hardware to be up to date it would cost you about £3000 and would still be out of date the moment you open the box up…. face it the hardware is lacking and still running DX9….. google DX11 and now even DX12 demo videos you’ll see just how far behind consoles are.

        • him self

          are u shore bout that

  • Gruventhegreat

    Im not saying the Ps3 is a bad system,not at all. But I have played Skyrim on it and the graphical quality of the game is not what Im talking about. The mass corrupt saves does nothing for me. Xbox has glitches yeah, some of which can completley kill the fun. It just seems as the hugs are more rampant on the Ps3 experience

    • soon

      it only happens on the new vesion of the PS3 because of the softwere overlode on a small concole. sadly i have the new one

      • Twsited

        actually it doesnt matter which you have as its already been said by bethesda that its the way in which the ps3 stores and retrieves the data…. xbox uses same way as pc were as ps3 uses a different method of just load it all and hope for the best……ps3 doesnt work for any bethesda title, but yet ip’s that are not ported to ps3 and are coded correctly work brilliantly…. so its not the ps3’s fault its just bethesda cant be arsed recoding the save system to be completely compatible

        • soon

          it also efects ps3’s loading it lakes 15-20 seconds were as tobuscus’s take 1-2 seconds
          tobuscus is on youtube he is highly recomended to all gamers


      Yeah the HUGS are rampant…

  • Smorgans08

    Still not on Xbox till afternoon

    • wooba

      it’s up now… my boyfriend’s already playing it

  • soon

    i’m trying to watch TV but im waiting for some to say its on PS3

  • him self

    glad i dont have a crapy X-box

  • Slayer_909

    The grammatical consistency on this thread is questionable. 

    Have people not heard of punctuation? 

    • Brockatron

      The grammatical consistency on every article and comment on this website is more than questionable; it’s damnable.