Visualizing Mass Effect 3: Four new endings

For those Xbox 360 gamers who have decided to wait a little before they give their life up for Skyrim once again because of the new Dawnguard DLC, some of them have decided that they would like to see what BioWare consider resolving the issue with the ending of Mass Effect 3. We all know of the issues and because of public pressure we now have four new endings, but are they enough to keep you happy?

Many fans of ME3 said that BioWare did not need to make any changes, but it seems there was an overwhelming pressure from those who felt a change was needed. The latest DLC has only been live for a few hours and already Tetra Ninja’s YouTube channel has uploaded all four endings, which you can view below.

Expectations are currently low from the fans because if the conclusion of your actions can be explained on YouTube just as easy as in the game, then BioWare would have failed, but would you agree with this assumption?

We do find it funny how some gamers suggest that the developer would just move on even though the DLC is free. Whatever way you look at this BioWare is getting yet more advertising for Mass Effect 3, which in turn could help subsidize this new content, but only if enough sales are generated.

Once you have downloaded and installed the ME3 Extended Ending we’d love to know if you feel BioWare has done what fans had been asking for?