Best Black Ops 2 pre-order bonuses

With the release of Black Ops 2 just four and a half months away it’s all too obvious that online and brick and mortar stores will be trying to outdo each other with pre-order bonuses, as offering the best deal will guarantee them that the customer would rather come to them. It’s still early days because more pre-order deals are cropping up all the time, but we should be able to inform you as to which store has the best offer so far.

First up we’re not too sure if this will be a widespread deal because there’s only proof that it’s just for in-store GAME UK at the moment; if you pre-order your copy of Black Ops 2 you will get the Nuketown multiplayer map for free. If this is the case then this map could be made available to all other Black Ops 2 players later down the line by way of a premium map pack. also has a deal but no way as good as the one that GAME is offering, as the online retailer will only give you an exclusive free wallpaper if you pre-order Black Ops 2, this deal also applies to those who have already pre-ordered their copy before the offer was made available.

Another great pre-order bonus is from GameStop, because you will be given a code that will allow you to unlock a MW3 Prestige Token – what a great way to keep interest in the current COD title going.

These are currently the only pre-orders that we could find, but we’re sure that more will appear soon as the likes of Walmart and many of the UK supermarkets have yet to announce theirs.

What pre-order deal would persuade you to buy your copy of Black Ops 2 from a certain store or retailer?