Excitement over Last of Us multiplayer experience

Speculation surrounding what the Last of Us multiplayer will play like has amounted to much excitement with various ideas that could be implemented. News that this game is going to supporting multiplayer has had many gamers offer suggestions to what this could entail and we are interested to see what is envisioned.

The Last of Us creative director Neil Druckmann, has spoke out about the multiplayer aspect but it seems like it will not have co-op within the main campaign, so a few ideas of what could be in store are documented by PlayStation Euphoria. Firstly, they pick out a Demon’s Souls type of online interactivity with its extremely difficult gameplay and notes being left for other survivors to take into consideration.

Having battles for ammo areas is another mode that could be worth taking into account and playing as a created character and a friend of Joels, your aim is to find ammo for your companion after being called on a cell phone or radio transmitter. Separate players can be fighting for the same ammo and this could lead to some tricky situations where wasting bullets is not an option.

A decent co-op zombie swarm mode would also be a good idea, giving players the opportunity to set traps and ambush zombies with the help of other players and after each wave, you get the opportunity to find valuable items and weapons. A suggestion that players could be the infected fighting off the survivors is one that is not shared by many, although the Demon’s Souls idea is one that would be welcomed.

In relation to this, at the beginning of the month we spoke about the gameplay footage being shown at Sony’s E3 press conference, and remarked on how good the features were in this brief encounter. Everything from combining items to interaction with objects like posters was mentioned along with great water sound effects and brilliant voice acting. Do you have an idea of what to expect with The Last of Us multiplayer experience?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Stuart-Gammie/100000056987923 Stuart Gammie

    Keep the main campaign focus which is fighting for survival, for food and ammo and have players fight for food and ammo. Customizable characters would be cool so it is really like you are fighting for that food and ammo.
    Have a zombie mode to so when the Survival mode(the above, survive against players for food and ammo’) gets boring you can survive against a zombie challenge.    

  • KristianToigo

    I’m really hoping they implement the multiplayer as if it were DayZ. Ammunition is scarce, infected roam about, there are AI Hunters roaming in packs as well as players, that can choose to fight with you, or against you. I think that would be amazing.