Gaming struggle for iPhone 5 with Galaxy S3

There are so many important factors when considering a new smartphone, and one of them is its gaming potential. From what we have seen of the Galaxy S3 so far the gaming experience is pretty impressive, with some consumers suggesting that it’s even better than what Apple can offer with their current iPhone in terms of performance. This could be a huge struggle for the iPhone because while we know Apple always improves on hardware, the jump is never as big as what Samsung offer from a new model when compared to its predecessor.

There have been suggestions that the gaming experience on the Galaxy S3 is the best of any smartphone to date, which is mostly down to the Mali-400MP GPU along with its Super AMOLED display – although not as good as Apple’s Retina display. However, it will take an expert with a good eye to spot the difference between the two.

An article here has said that it finds it hard to criticize the capability of the Galaxy S3 as a gaming device because it can pretty much handle most of what’s thrown at it, but will this be enough against the iPhone 5?

The one benefit that the 6th-generation iPhone will have going for it from the start is the extensive range of games available on the App Store, and this experience will be made even better once Apple makes the planned updates to the App Store. However, where the iPhone could excel if those past rumors are true is with multiplayer gaming, which will allow iOS users to play with each other on their devices. We can already see this in action with certain gaming apps already, but we expect the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 to take even more advantage of this feature.

How do you think the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3 will compare with each other in terms of gaming?