Mixed reactions to Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut

The Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC has raised more questions among gamers and although opinions have been varied it seems that not everyone is happy with it. Credit to Bioware for not disregarding ME fans altogether after the backlash revolving around the ending, as they have at least tried to make up for this with downloadable content.

The problem is that the DLC hasn’t delivered in many opinions causing gamers to quiz the logic behind it, and even though it has answered a few questions of the game, there are still many unanswered. Giving their account of what has been experienced WouldYouKindly.com refers to this as lacking in substance, and feel the game’s epic beginning is what makes us focus on the latter part of Mass Effect 3 that just seems to fizzle out.

The fact that Bioware dropped the ball in the final moments makes this more apparent, and the DLC hasn’t really made it any better, viewing it as a goodbye montage with a collection of syrupy speeches. The value of Bioware is a least they tried to make the effort not just admitting they were wrong and moving on, although the criticism they have received for their first products have given us reason to wonder what’s next for both Bioware and the Mass Effect franchise.

Some fans have regarded this as a quick fix from Bioware yet some feel that they have done well to try and rectify their problems with the use of DLC. Has the Extended Cut content changed your opinions on Bioware? On the other hand, do you feel that this olive branch is a poor attempt to compensate fans for their mistakes?