Potential new Mass Effect 3 DLC spoiler

Bioware knew that they had to do something in order to keep Mass Effect 3 fans happy, but some gamers felt that by giving into consumer demand and releasing the Extended Cut they lost some respect in the process. This is not a view shared by all and many gamers was glad when the new content was released on Tuesday, but it seems as though it hasn’t answered all the questions left unanswered. However, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves here because there’s a potential for new ME3 DLC.

We have to warn that if recent news in regards to the Mass Effect 3 Leviathan DLC is true then it contains some pretty impressive spoilers; if you have not played the Extended Cut out then we would suggest you stop reading. According to Eurogamer the new content sees you dealing with a rogue Reaper, and you’ll be pleased to learn that Shepard appears in the DLC, as he/she has to rescue Ann Brynson, a scientist at a Reaper mining facility.

A Reaper named Leviathan has controlled the mining colony for 10 years and is a traitor because he killed one of his own kind. We have to point out that this takes place just before the events of the ending in ME3, so you still don’t know if Shepard lives or dies. There are two ways to take that last breath, either it’s the last that he/she takes before dying or it’s the first gasp of air after coming back to life – we’re certain that you all have your own take on this?

If what we have learned about this future DLC is true then we will get to learn more about the Reapers and their creators. Some will argue that this is a strange move from Bioware, as controlling Shepard once again after the finale could confuse matters. However, it proves that there’s still much more to come from the game and future DLC could tell us what we can expect from Mass Effect 4.

  • Thesir

    wait wait wait…. mass effect 4???????????

  • Anon7

    Nope I refuse to believe shepard is dead at the end of the Destroy ending. 1) because you have to have such specific requirements to get that scene (war assets high up and the red ending) bioware could have easily NOT put that scene up, but they did. And I hardly think they would spend that time showing a scene of Shepard dying when we would have thought so anyways even if the scene wasn’t there. 2) Shepard had already died once in a much horrible way that actually litteraly left him a little bit more than a whole bunch of meat in some tubes. They could easily make a Lazarus project 2.0 (especially if Miranda is around). Money would probably not be an issue since the whole galaxy owes him/her.