Weapons in Skyrim Dawnguard before upgrades

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim received its very first DLC on Tuesday called Dawnguard and along with giving you a new quest choice there’s also a bunch of new weapons for you to make use of, but only if you choose to hunt vampires that is. These weapons are very different to the main campaign because these are Dragonbone weapons, and below we have for you the base damage, values, weight and the ingredients needed.

Like we said above these are only base damage values and will become much greater once you can begin to pimp up those weapons. Once you have gathered these ingredients you will need to go to a forge like you do in the main campaign and start to smith the weapons yourself. Even with those base damage values they’re still pretty impressive – just wonder if you can get any to over a 1000 damage like we have seen with the bow and arrow?

It’s clear to see that these Dragonbone weapons are just a little more powerful than Daedric weapons, which are needed in order to defeat the Vampire Lord – only if you have refused his offer. It’s a shame that these new weapons were not made available from the start, we were allowed to make armor from dragon bone, but it’s not as good as some of the other material that can be found in the world of Skyrim.

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In the video below you can see various weapons being forged, but it’s seeing Dragonbone weapons being forged that’s of interest to us. It’s clear to see that these are not the best looking of weapons, but who said weapons are meant to look nice – not as though your enemy will be commenting on them.

What weapon do you seem to use most in Dawnguard?


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