3DS XL gets second circle pad

Those of you wondering where the second circle pad is for the new Nintendo 3DS XL will be pleased to know that the circle pad pro will be available for this console later this year, although reports are suggesting that this is apparent for Japan at the moment, this is no news of a global release. We are sure this attachment will arrive soon after, yet questions are still being asked why this larger version hasn’t got this already built-in.

The bulky attachment for the new 3DS XL will be another piece of hardware on the shelves by Nintendo to confuse shoppers further and the company recently announced the new circle pad pro in Japanese game magazine Famitsu. In an article on CVG, they highlight that this will be coming out this year and there is no news of a worldwide release to date.

Reports of the circle pad pro for the XL confirm our earlier post where we discussed this feature and that it is missing in action, we also asked our readers whether Nintendo should have concentrated on redesigning the DS with the second circle pad built-in, then brought out the XL in the same fashion. Some gamers feel that these vital accessories are just a money making scheme and if the new larger console is already quite big imagine how much bigger it will be with the attachment.

Do you think that Nintendo would be wise to listen to responses and focus on making the DS with a second circle pad? Maybe you feel that this attachment should now come free with the handheld or a least at a bargain price.

  • FullCircle_360

    I was going to get the 3DS XL when it’s released but then though against it. Nintendo have gotten enough of my money already and with their next gen console around the corner I just can’t justify buying a 3DS XL. I’ll be buying a the Nyko circle pad pro when that’s released and will be saving up to buy a wii u, as long as it’s under £250 :)

  • Nicholas Gatewood

    I really want it after refunding my original Ambassador 3DS, but the lack of a second slide pad kills it for me. They fixed their original 3DS models, Sony didn’t have that chance with the PSP. They totally could’ve done it but they chose not to. They seem out of touch with their fans.