Assassin’s Creed 3 marketing violates Federal Law

Having already discussed the marketing tactics of Ubisoft for Assassin’s Creed 3, it’s now come into question once again but this time it’s not about what footage they’re prepared to show in current gameplay but rather the Assassin’s Creed-branded flag, which you can see below. The reason there’s an issue this time is because it’s been said to break Federal law.

The reason for this is because if there is any inappropriate use of the American flag then this is said to break the Flag Code – this may seem trivial to some, but to others it means a lot to them, which camp are you in? We cannot see anyone at Ubisoft getting arrested for this offense, but you have to wonder if they will still use the flag for concern of upsetting the most patriotic of Americans?

However, when looking more into it an article here has found that by using the flag for advertising purposes actually violates Section 8 of the United States Flag Code, and it makes matters even worse when adding an insignia onto the flag. Even with all that taken into consideration we’re still certain that nothing will be done.

Having said that, do you think Ubisoft would want to take that risk because they could risk losing sales if they upset too many people. At the end of the day it’s just a game and just a flag, should we really be that bothered? Maybe Ubisoft knew about this Flag Code and felt they would take the risk just to get more media attention for Assassin’s Creed 3.

  • MorE_OneR23

    This is pathetic, who cares…..what if you play the game and you do not live in the u.s? we don’t care about american values.

    • Jd-goats

      americans barely care about american values, this guys just an idiot

      • Zach

        You are the true idiots

        • trollarch

          zach, you’re the ultimate troll

  • Guest

    It’s not illegal, actually.  The U.S. Flag Code is advisory, not mandatory.  The Supreme Court has already ruled that attempting to enforce the flag code as if it was a strict set of rules for use of the U.S. flag would violate the First Amendment.

    • Matt

      Thank you, I was about to post this myself. =D

  • Petercrick575091

    what a bunch of moaning idiots its no different from international footbal people put their domestic clubs on thir national flag

  • Bardicdreamer

    I seriously doubt this is correct considering every American car dealership puts hundreds of flags out in their lots and usually had the largest flags in town up to mark their locations from a distance. 

  • DarthStrawberry

    Who cares abo

  • Bla8686

    this is a good point.  just because a person is legally allowed to burn a flag doesn’t mean they can put a new symbol on it to advertise something…wait a minute.

  • Emmanuel Laoutaris

    omg big deal….. ubisoft isn’t even american..

    • Zach

      Well you should still respect just like you respect a bible

      • AC3

        well too bad the bible is fiction and has no truth whats so ever

        It has been revised soooo mnay times
        and do you really think that there is some overruling guy when science has proved how planets are formed

        • Zach

          God is real and he will judge you one day

          • Jesusdiedlol

             hey go spout your religious nonsense somewhere else.

          • Michael

            Maybe the rest of the world would respect the Americans if they would learn to respect other countries. It’s things like this over the top flag supposed “deformation” that shows how the Americans take things way to personally its not like the Assassins symbol is there to stay on the flag.

            I’m from England and if someone stuck an Assassins symbol on the union Jack I wouldn’t care I would just think nothing of it as It’s not like it’s spitting on the English people they are just trying to show how in the Assassin’s Creed universe the assassins are everywhere.

          • Jake Eagle

            yeah, it’s obvious you’re from england. do you honestly think our entire nation is about to go to war with ubisoft because of this article? american flag boxers and shirts also break the flag code but those things sell like hot cakes around this time of year. the only one who’s going to care are the most outspoken flag obsessed maniacs with nothing better to do than get in a fight with someone as trivial as this just to make themselves feel good.

            don’t tell me there aren’t people in england who don’t constantly say “god save the queen!” and get in fights about disrespecting her.

          • Zach

            By any chance are you gay

  • Emmanuel Laoutaris

    Whoever wrote this needs to be put down.

    • Tracyhocuspocus

      I agree lol!!! X

  • ItCouldBeFraud

    Someone better tell WalMart about this–their “Faded Glory” brand name uses the flag printed on shirts, and according to the United States Flag Code, “(d) The flag should never be used as wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery. It should never be festooned, drawn back, nor up, in folds, but always allowed to fall free. Bunting of blue, white, and red, always arranged with the blue above, the white in the middle, and the red below, should be used for covering a speaker’s desk, draping the front of the platform, and for decoration in general.”

    So, when are we going to bust down on that? Oh, they tried that in the 70’s and failed? So.. what’s going to happen here? Right, the guy who wrote this article might lose his job for creating bad publicity. Way to stick up for arbitrary laws that courts have agreed are pointless, Peter Chubb!

    • Kelly Reddick

      couldn’t have said it any better its amazing how the media focuses on the most irrelevant of things these days…..god plz bless america….with a brain

      • Zach

        I dont know how you grew up but my family fought and died for this country and “that flag” is more important then gold

        • Malice419

          the us has changed its flag several times, the one ubisoft is using isnt the current flag so it cant be breaking the stupid “flag code”
          and a flag is not the same a country zack, people dont fight for a flag, they may fight for what it represents but not for a stupid piece of cloth.

          • Zach

            Its not just a stupid piece of cloth i have grown up raising the flag at 8 o clock every morning and lower it at sundown so your saying i have wasted my whole

          • Jake Eagle

            yeah, sounds like you wasted your whole life indeed. maybe you should get a girlfriend.

          • Zach

            I do have a girlfriend and she is a solid conservitive unlike you liberal pieces of crap

    • Chicanemoho

      1) the flag code is not enforceable
      2) Faded Glory uses the emblem of the flag as a design on the shirt and not the shirt itself. For example, It is not a violation to have the Stars and Stripes next to the Stars and Bars on a shirt. 

  • Geno Weaver

    Seriously this so stupid, But I love that flag. I sooo want it.

  • Tracyhocuspocus

    Truthfully, its just a game, I dont care wot flag is flying, stick a pair of mu knickers on a poll,,i just cant wait for it to come out!!

  • Kelly Reddick

    yea your not suppose to use the flag in that way then again your not suppose to put it on t shirts and shoes and all the other shyt you see it on iv never seen anyone arrested for wearing a shirt with the flag on it

  • Zach

    This is wrong I am not buying this game anymore. I am going down to gamestop and canceling my preorder.

    • Ed

      It’s not like their doing it to be disrespectful.

      • Zach

        But that doesnt make it right

    • Jesusdiedlol

       you do realize they have been using the American flag with the assassins symbol since they announced the game, and you are now going to cancel your pre-order? either your trolling or more likely and idiot.

  • Trex D.

    WHO CARES!?!? I DON”T! You wanna know why? It is just for entertainment. Anyone who cancels their preorder is an idiot because they care about a stupid flag. OH MY GOSH, YOU ACEDENTALLY SPILLED COFFE ON THE RUSSIAN FLAG! I HAVE TO ARESST YOU BECUASE YOU DID SOMETHING I DIDN”T LIKE. Wah wah wah. I hate you all. The flag is just cloth. OH MY FATHERS DIED TO PROTECT THIS COUNTRY. That is understandable. The us flag should be used any way anyone wants to use it because THAT SHOWS FREEDOM! America is bout having freedom and liberty, not going and a murdering spree because someone did something you didn’t like or they spilled coffe on the flag.

    • Zach

      Using the flag for advertisments is terrible

  • Duh

    Um… Ubisoft isn’t an American company, so they aren’t held under the federal law of America…

    • marbar

      there are if they are selling the game in America.

      • marbar

        ugh typo, meant to say “They are if they are selling the game in America.”

  • UbiSam

    I thought it only broke a U.S. law and because Ubisoft are NOT American it didn’t apply to them.
    Thats my understanding, anyway.
    Either way, no one will get arrested and nothing will be delayed or cancelled. People who pull their pre-orderes are dumb and stupid – like this guy says “it’s just a flag”

  • Andrew Suhrer

    I think it’s tasteful customization to the flag. Not the first time the flag has been customized. I think it should be a law to make it look cooler. They did it in Fallout.  

  • Kestris

    Except that it doesn’t violate the Flag Code. 

     It’s not the standard size and it’s not the standard design- even the width of the stripes is off. As well as the Flag Code rarely being enforced, as to do so may violate the First Amendment.

    Seriously people, do some research before jumping on these sort of bandwagons that lead to nowhere.

  • TheWhiteAnon

    Please people dont base your thoughts of americans on zack. Hes probably a fundie, and normal americans have no problem with the way they use the flag. Oh and dont blame the south on everything, im from texas and i can tell you, its pretty normal here, not crazy like people like to believe.