Exploring Mass Effect 4 possibilities

Looking into the possibilities of Mass Effect 4 it is hard to steer away from any spoilers for those of you who have not completed ME3 yet, but we are concerned about the approach BioWare will take to adapt on this popular franchise. Life after Shepard could be one of more varied paths and other heroes could be on the bench ready to play out the next chapter.

The continuation of the story has so much potential and Bioware need to take certain elements of Mass Effect 3 into consideration, as the galaxy’s remaining races are required to pick up the pieces. Reporting on the future of Mass Effect Official Xbox Magazine ask what the next step will be for not only ME4 but also impending sequels in this franchise.

Their view is that a sequel could be a possibility although there is a higher expectation that Mass Effect’s history will be visited more extensively. The aliens involved throughout the ME series have been great but they cant see a non-human protagonist and there is a high probability that future Mass Effect games are likely to focus on the period after the discovery of the Charon relay. Comics have covered the Turian Contact War, so this could be an ideal setting; there are many stories that can also be told about Cerberus.

With no real insight into what type of game we will see next, a Turian Contact War squad-based shooter would not be a bad direction to go in, a Mass Effect MMO is not one expected anytime soon, at the moment the safe money is on regular content, and weekly episodes would be considerably good for business. What would you like to see next from the Mass Effect franchise? Maybe you would like to see it set in the future rather than the past.

  • Aaronlboyle

    u should be one of sheps kids from one of his lovers. then be trying 2 live up 2 ur fathers name.

    • Axemonk

      I was thinking the exact same thing

      • Jayshark9202004

        A lot of us Im sure are!

    • Abel7

      But that would be impossible if Shepard had either a gay or alien lover (unless it was Liara of course).

      • Abel7

        Plus Miranda’s infertile…….. just saying.

    • Darmer11

      yeah like be part human and part whatever you choose to have a romance with in any of the other ME games

      • Abel7

        That is not how biology works at all -_-

  • Mizzsyco96

    What would be cool is if your a reincarnated shepard from the Catalyst or something.

  • Gaz

    The ME Universe needs to continue…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GVWTYXSX42FF6QXRFKYJ24XKQA Christopher

    I never liked when a series goes back in time for prequels. I tend to avoid those. Anything set after the events of ME3 would be good. This way you can also adapt how the game’s story is presented based on your ending choice in ME3.
    I’ve been thinking that perhaps the advancement of the Yahg could be looked at as they become a proper space flight species. As they are considered so ruthless—more-so than the Krogan—perhaps they start a galaxy wide war against all other species. You could also have Cerberus tied in there again somehow. I doubt the Illusive Man’s death would signal the end of it.

    • Jayshark9202004

      I agree in the aspect that the decisions of ME3 should be carried over into ME4. Face it, we made a huge decision in ME3, and to have those decisions (and but not limited to returning characters you kept alive, like the perfect ending where Sheperd breathes in the end) carried to ME4 just like they have through one and two. Im not saying these characters should be in the knew “crew”, nor bring back Sheperd as playable, but I could definitely see for those who got the perfect ending, Sheperd taking over Andersons role, or even Udina. It may sound stupid, but I fought hard to keep these people alive, I sure as heck dont wanna see them eliminated completely

  • MAC

    Lets keep the franchise moving into the future.  Let the comics fill in the holes on the First Contact War etc.  I want to know what the remaining races do to rebuild a nearly purged galaxy.  Maybe clear up any of the errors that were in the ending that the story teller didn’t tell properly.

  • Abel7

    I’m not too keen about prequels, especially when it’s for a largely decision based game like ME. What I’m wondering is that if ME4 is going to be released on the xbox720 what would that mean for xbox360 players? Can we transfer our save files to the new 720? Are going to have to go through a small comic book mini cutscene thing to place in our decisions over the last 3 games? Or will nothing from Shepard’s story actually make an impact in the new story arc?

    I think the new ME should be taken place sometime after ME3 (like 75 to 100+ years or so). Where a catastrophe has struck and undone everything Shepard had tried to prevent, and it’s up to a new hero to set everything back together again. Bioware can even throw in either a dark energy, yahg, or even Cerberus crisis if they want to.

    But if bioware really is itching for a prequel, I wouldn’t mind some undercover, unknown hero-ing during the first contact war. Though the consequences wouldn’t hold a candle to Shepard’s story arc. (but it could be a cool way to check out young Anderson, or even spacer mrs. And mr. Shepard in action.)

  • Sam

    you should start off at the end of the last one and the ending/beginning  of the game effects the whole game.  the red explosion = same character other two equals new character.  green = ?  blue explosion = rebellion against the reapers with all the species working together again.

    • Samueljciraulo

       why would they rebel against the reapers when the reapers are guardians controlled by shepards soul? that stupid as hell.

      • http://www.facebook.com/Vae.Hostilis Joshua Blank

         How would anyone besides Shepard know that. All anyone else knows is they pulled back, maybe for reinforcements. It’s not like Shepard got on a citadel-sized megaphone and told everyone what was going on.

  • Jetengman

    I want to keep going from where we left off. I still want to see female Shepard with Kaidan and continue on their romance story hopefully with a child and any other enemies that you could figure out would be great but either way Just keep making mass effect its the beset!

  • Jayshark9202004

    To all of those in belief of Sheperds story being complete, this was just posted on July first, info from Tully Ackland, community coordinator for BioWare. One way or another, even if they DO say Sheperds story is complete, there is strong hinting that his involvement at the least, is not. 

  • Darmer11

    They should probably go in the direction of if you choose to take contro of the reepers in the end of ME3 you can put your soul into a downed geth. Or maybe even go ay into the future and you play the son or daughter of shepard like they have done with the FABLE franchise.

  • Advex

     I don’t think that a future title should be a prequel simply because I already know the outcome…whether it’s the contact war or whatever.  Mass effect was successful because it allowed you to shape the outcome…the outcome of prequels is already a foregone conclusion.

    I’m for more Shephard.  I can see it done by having all the races struggle for power now that the boogey man is gone and Shephard being the one that can unite them all or at the very least save humanity from becoming slaves.  I think the cycle will continue just like the reaper kid warned.

  • Advex

    ohhh and i’m not against having more detail of past events…I just think they can do that in the form of Flashbacks or something…kind of like Lost.

  • Mike

    Having just beaten Mass Effect 3 yet again. It occurs to me that the child asks for one more story  about “The Sheppard”. This leads me to believe the cheap cop out of rebuilding Sheppard (yet again) to best course of action.  

    • Hi

      actually i think what they meant is that there will be more “stories”, as in dlc content like leviathan.

  • Mike

    Another way to go would be to pick up where we left off. Only this time around, you’re the new hero fighting alongside Shep. This would of mean seeing less of him, but provide a good sense of closure.  I would also love to get a look at whoever actually built the Reapers.

  • Mickymouse_1993

    I think that it should be set, way way into the future, like when they first restore or rebuild a mass relay, and that it is your job to piece back together the universe, and restore order among the chaos.

    You could play as any race that was deserted in sol after the destruction of the mass relays, you could even be related to Sheppard in some way, great great great niece, dose’nt have to be grandson/daughter, but either way you are the last of the Sheppards, and even though you don’t want to, the whole planet turned to you for help (hell!! the whole universe). and eventually you set out on a newly built, and upgraded with many many years of technology, Normandy, but it could be slightly different in look as a lot of time has passed. and eventually you set out, another Sheppard on a mission to save the universe.

    • Mickymouse_1993

      Or even do a whole dragon age induction story, and have different plannets in which you can start on.

  • Babelbabe

    I’m surprised by alot of these comments, as much as I love my Shepard to death I would never want to play her again in another mass effect title. Face it guys Shepard’s story is done, bioware announced it even before mass effect 3 was out, and frankly I’m glad. Shepard has saved the galaxy from a trillion year old threat, ended at least a dozen century+ old problems, and had already died once (twice depending on how You played the game). Why can’t we just give the hero a well deserve break and have someone else figure out how to solve all the galaxy’s problems?

    I’m also surprised to hear that so many people want to have the new mass effect right after the third one. Seriously? Every sentient species in the galaxy are still rebuilding from the huge shitstorm that just happened; why would anyone want to cause trouble now?

  • http://www.facebook.com/sirowl Greg Thompson

    I think with any option you find out that it was all a lie. and the distroy option lets you know it. ME 4 would pickup in the middle of the battle and you discover that none of the endings in ME3 actually happened. AND in ME4 to stop the reapers you actualy have to find out where they hide in dark space. You have to use the Citidel’s mass relay feautre  (remember in ME2 it was a relay? and a programming change prevented it from activating? so their must be a second one in dark space so you have to use in reverse to get there… BOOM Drop some Whoop arse on the reaper home.