Second Skyrim DLC could be smaller

The first Skyrim DLC is considered a pretty big one, not the biggest that Bethesda has given over the years but still Dawnguard is pretty impressive. However, we should not expect the second Skyrim DLC to be as big, as there are suggestions that it could be smaller. There are already rumors that this new content is being developed, but the developer has said no decision has been made as of yet.

Around a month ago a rumor began to circulate that a second Skyrim DLC was already in the making and that it would be called Hearthfire, and there’s proof in the video below that the same source said the very same thing regarding Dawnguard and that turned out to be true as well. We’re not saying we should believe the rumor, but it does make you wonder.

We know that a second expansion will come, but we wouldn’t expect a release until early 2013 at least going by how long it took the first one, then again the developers were slowed down with trying to rectify the number of issues they had with Skyrim – more so for the PS3 version.

Having said that if the next DLC is smaller then maybe Bethesda might release it for the holiday season and save the larger one for later next year? Some gamers will argue that there is no need for any more expansions anytime soon, and at 1,600 points a time they can stop doing them now.

However, there will be those who just don’t do enough exploring and find the world of Skyrim a little too repetitive and look forward to new quests that come with new DLC like Dawnguard.

Do you welcome new content or are you happy with Skyrim just as it is?

  • Cmb1909

    Depends, I’d love another ‘Shivering Isles’, but if it’s simply an extra guild or whatnot I’m perfectly happy with what we have now

  • Prisoner

    To be honest, as a die-hard Elder Scrolls fan boy, I would welcome another expansion as soon as possible. 

  • Vaermina

    Heading back into the realms of the Daedric princes seems like a must with Skyrim, after the success and sheer size of Shivering Isles I personally would look really forward to seeing another realm fleshed out for us.

    After playing Oblivion and Morrowind, Skyrim just seems so empty without more of our Daedroth friends.

  • Albet789

    No offence but Dawnguard was tiny, it was the size of “The Pitt”, also many people did not find Dawnguard “pretty impressive”, in fact you’re the only one giving it good reviews.

    • Major_dumbass

      Not true… Tons of good reviews out there, and the people reviewing on these types of sites are usually very closed-minded

  • Guest

    I think it’s an awesome expansion. Bring them on!

  • guest

    actually, according to 31 reviews, dawnguard has a 73% approval rating, which for DLc is pretty good. The biggest complaint, obviously, is the price for the content, if it was 10 or 15 dollars it would be completely worth it. but hey, i dont think $20 is that bad considering how expensive most other things are, with inflation and all.

    My only problem is that for how many games skyrim is anticipated to sell (10 million shipped) and the huge profit margin with DLC (its completely digitally distributed, much higher profit margin then the base game as there are no disks produced and retailed to 3rd parties (gamestop, etc) it should be cheaper, alot cheaper. makes you wonder if microsoft and sony get a large chunk of the profits.

  • Clark Nichols

    The trouble seems to be the size versus cost.  While Skyrim seems like a vast area, after 5-10 characters are created the world and quests become repetitive, the world and its inhabitants superficial, and the lag tiresome.  However, for Skyrim hobbyists the dlc changes the scope of the entire experience. For those  individuals the investment of $20 is worthwhile for changing their entire experience.  Sadly, it takes Bethesda so long to create this content that for many others it isn’t enough to make the experience worthwhile-and if new dlc is going to be even smaller than the Dawnguard effort they likely won’t get as many takers.