Dissatisfaction with Skyrim Dawnguard DLC

When we had first learned news of the very first Skyrim DLC we had high hopes because Dawnguard had the opportunity to be so good, not only offering fresh new content but also bringing in hours more gameplay as well. Many fans felt the same way and had hoped that the expansion pack would be something special, but it seems as though dissatisfaction with the DLC is starting to grow.

This is a little shocking because the footage that was shown during E3 did promise so much more, but is it as bad as some of the fans are saying – well we thought we would take a look at two recent reviews to gauge some sort of idea.

Kotaku has spent some time with Dawnguard and while they go into detail regarding many aspects of the expansion pack, we thought we would just see what those good and bad points were. Firstly they said that the DLC allowed them to visit the world of Skyrim once more, along with having the awesome lady who’s the Vampire Quests follower.

However, the quest is said to be boring and the DLC seems to have brought yet more bugs to the game. We’re pretty shocked to read that Kotaku advises you not to even bother to play Dawnguard; we’re not sure we would completely agree – where do you stand on the expansion?

Joystiq builds the review of Dawnguard up pretty big and we thought that maybe they were feeling pretty positive about the game, but they then said that even though all the new content sounds fun, it’s not. In the past we had asked if you will be choosing the side of the Vampire Lord or as a Vampire Hunter, it now seems as though the latter would be the better choice because in the review they point out that the third-person view of being a Vampire Lord is not that great because of those huge bat-like wings get in the way.

They conclude by saying that the new content has no entertainment value and that it’s worse than the main part of the game. The biggest issue is with the price, as we’re hearing from many fans that $20 is too much to pay for such little content. Now we know that some fans of Skyrim will say that you should not complain about one thing in the new DLC, but when that one thing is the main selling point of the game you can see why those who have paid for the new Skyrim expansion are a little dissatisfied.

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    • Ma

      Couldn’t have put it better myself : RICE.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FQFDYB3CK4Z4OXZEE5KW3IQDSI Christopher

    The dlc was alright there could been better things more places to go to ect…making the vampires more involved into the game must of been tricky making new places for them. the length of the dlc is alright of the amount your spending on it,doing the dlc brings a spark back what wants you to play for a few more hours.

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  • boomshakalaka

    i just completed it! the powers as a vampire you get are EPIC 7/10 rating due to glitches it has bought in though :(

  • Roy

    Skyrim cost 55 euro which is absolutely worth it when you consider that most people played it for over 150 hours which is pretty impressive for a single player game. But when you consider that DG cost 20 euro it really should have added a lot more.

    It is still a better add-on than most (800 ms points for 4 maps in CoD?) but for the price and the level of hype it should have been longer. Still, Oblivion’s first DLC was horse armour so maybe Bethesda will learn from this like last time.

  • Ronan_nguyen

    You idiots forgot to mention that IGN gave it a 8 and the official xbxo magazine gave it a 9, and a bunch of other gave it higher scores.

  • CJ

    There was never a doubt that Dawnguard was going to be…a bit pointless really. Somewhat like Mothership Zeta. A tacked on bunch of quests, locations, and items. It really does ntohing for the main game except add a few new things. Nothing to propel the story further, just an episode. Dawnguard is Episode 1 of Skyrim. The best is yet to come. Trust me. We saw it with FO3 when the best DLC carried the story on past end game and made the whole story longer and more involved.      

  • Vampire lord

    I have to say I agree with IGN myself. They seemed to like it and so do I. For your 20 dollars you get two separate stories to play each offering more game time then many stand alone games seem to offer. I suppose with a game like skyrim offering so much for the price of one game people tend to get a little spoilt.

  • Dan

    Sounds like knights of nine all over again. They should have learnt and actually added some new environment like in shivering isles.

  • Jamesandhisboy

    okay all skyrim fans bad points for skyrim i have played the vamp and the dawnguard all together following the main story line its about three hours on both sides there are more side quests to do bad points im only level 35 harkon way to easy to kill quests are too short bethesda f d this one up it coulda been the biggest dlc hit of the year and they blew it so bad i really feel like i got robbed of my twenty bucks im kinda pissed really really pissed i coulda bought three packs of smokes for that price and got more satisfaction…

    • Guest

      You’re an idiot. It was definitely worth it. THREE HOURS? What difficulty do you play on, beginner? If it is too easy, put it on master and stop complaining. I went with the dawnguard for the quests and it took me nearly 20 hours from levels 7-16 or so since i made a new character for it. You’re lying about the 3 hours.

  • Lorblackheart

    the dlc wasnt that bad because it added so much to the lore and alot more to werewolfs and vampires with some great weapons, it let down on environment but it toke me about 10-15 hours to to do it all which is alot more then most dlc for this type of game

  • Nikbush

    i thought it was cool, those water dragons were kickass

  • Jgamerz

    Kotakatu sucks. I finished it and it was amazing, it may not be like shivering isles expansion but it is still amazing. They say the control for the vampire lord is clunky. That may be true but to be honest the games combat in general is clunky but the vampire lord changes this by using the toggle to either hover or walk on the ground and use your claws. I recommend this Dlc to anyone who just wants a reason to play more skyrim and have fun.

  • Rezaraflis

    i come across this article while searching for the dawnguard info but deside to read it anyway but this seems to be weak argument u just said it bad because kotaku n joistick said so u dont even explain what r the bugs in the game and abt the wing in 3rd person view everyone has diffreant taste, it might be to big for u but not everyone i my self like the wing as it is ..so either this dlc enjoyable or not it all up to the people who play it…

  • KotakuSucks

    Up yours, Kotaku, you remind me of music critics. They can’t write music, and yet they slam other people’s efforts. I’m a PC man myself, so I haven’t played the DLC yet, but what I’ve seen looks spectacular. Bethesda actually listened to the player’s suggestions and implemented several things that many people wanted – eg: Crossbows, Vamp Lords.

    Go back to playing Club Penguin, you scum-sucking Schuttas.

  • jack

    I liked it, But the should have been more paladin stuff, should have added cough cough spoilers you know what I mean as a new race. 

  • Trigger_power

    I enjoyed it, some amazing places in the DLC and a one sudden suprise for me of a lost race was good, the crossbow was also good. I have yet to play the vampire faction but the Vampire Lord power looks good. So I disagree with Kotaku.

  • Scott

    I think the dlc is great and deserves better reviews :)

  • InDIGnation

    In my opinion, Dawnguard is more like the Skyrim equivalent of Knights of the Nine. If makes sense that Bethesda would release a smaller DLC first, and then build up to the meatiest expansion pack to see it off. I hope that’s the case anyway, I’ll not be sure until Dawnguard comes to the PC.