Fresh GTA 5 news, not imminent says Rockstar

We’ve said it before and we will say it again, even though fans of GTA 5 are starting to lose patience with Rockstar that doesn’t mean that they will boycott the game in any way. However, one fan has become so angry with the developer that he has written a letter to Rockstar Support, and from their response it looks as though any fresh news will not be imminent.

In the letter the fan spoke of how Rockstar had said back in February that they will be talking about GTA 5 again in a few months, so he started to detail what he thought a few months were – just like we all have. He said he had assumed 3 to 4 months; he even tried to explain what defines a few months in details.

Rockstar were kind enough to answer the disgruntled fan back twice by saying that a few could be anywhere from 3 months right up to 8 or more – let’s hope they don’t mean the latter. In the first response the developer said that they currently have some issues with the development at the moment and are working hard to resolve this. We’d love to know what those issues are and if it could delay the release in any way, but we don’t expect Rockstar will ever let on.

Below is that response from GTA Forums

The second response we found more interesting because they said they don’t have any public news right now. So we know news on GTA V is not looming, so maybe those rumors of new details during GamesCom are true? While it’s still no proof the release of the GamesCom 2012 trailer does show footage of the first trailer from Grand Theft Auto V, so could this mean that we will finally get that second trailer or as some have suggested a demo of the game itself?


  • Pinky

    They need to release some new news.

  • Rhodes

    Please give us something.Anything!

  • Colmmeister

    Once again my once a week search for new GTA V news is fruitless. R* really know how to get fans Jonesing for their new releases.

    • Houser

      Once a week? I’m doing it like 3 times a day

  • Bob

    Its stupid to get irate a company because they are taking time to develop and refine a product, but to state “a few months” doesnt gave numerical value is just as bad

    Adjective:A small number of: “may I ask a few questions?”; “I will recount a few of the stories told me”.

    So how about respond with “yeah, we hoped it would be only “a few” months, but we’rw busy making this game kick ar$3, so please be patient.

    Some teasers would be nice.

  • Carlos

    Hey come on give these guys a break , they are doing their best to create a game for you with their best effort,  atleast cut them some slack and be a bit more patient because I think this game is going to be a fantastic game and would definatly be worth the wait.

  • Chupacabra

    Haha, i think the guy was very very angry because the grammar he typing sucks.

    • Alex

      speak for yourself 

  • Lord_Santa

    Peter Chubb, please stop writing these pointless articles, I know you’re preying on the thousands of GTA fans who google “GTA 5 news” every few days, but please, just stop….

  • Eric11mes

    rockstar have got to take the time to make gta5 i mean gta 5 is goin to be the best game ever

  • CarimboHanky

    R* is working on the game for sure… they just wont release any info because right now they have a solid momentum with Max Payne 3… they dont want to take away that momentum. M.P.3 still in high gear and they want to keep it that way for a while, once the RPM get a bit lower, than they would release/leak some new info.

    i dont expect a 2012 release. they are likely to release a new trailer in late august, just in time for the back to school week, to get the kids pumped.

    i expect a march-april 2013 release!

  • Carlos

    the red convertable looks amazing :O

  • Prophetless

    That last answer from support is funny. They’re lying like hell making it seem like we have to wait a long time. “Development for a game takes little over 4 years”. They’ve been working on GTA 5 since the end of 2007 when GTA 4 was delayed 6 months. I remember them trying to push people into using the Social Club after completing the story Spring 2008 to find the easter egg on the desk which was a plane ticket underneath everything with Niko’s name and a destination of San Andreas. I’m expecting trailer 2 with news at GamesCom. I just hope GTA 5 doesn’t end up like Max Payne 3. 8 years in development with numerous delays.

  • R Hill

    “Please bear with us as we focus on solving issues that would impede on your fun and enjoyment of the upcoming game”
    I think this means that the game is in the testing stage and Rockstar are fixing glitches that would impede on our fun. I don’t think this means there is anything major wrong with the game, just a bunch of glitches. So I think there will be some more news in 1-2 months and this news will probably come at Gamescom.

  • AnerchX

    haha OMG it’s me on the news XD

    • johnny b goode

      then learn to spell

  • Sharpz

    How much pressure are rockstar putting on themselves? If they fail to deliver upon release then i think it may just be night night!

  • Jo Ro

    Im not boycotting, but I’ve been waiting way to long for GTA 5, I’m now planning to get the other games like NBA 2K13, Black Ops 2, or Halo 4, if I do end up getting GTA 5, it’s gonna be a while

    • WillowFake

      I agree with you If it’s not out by Oct. I’m going to buy it because I’m getting AC3 or 2K13…I wish I could get this but I’m not made of money so i can’t. 

  • John

    Retarded article

  • Dan

    Let them take as long as it takes. Even if the difference is a year between it being a good game (like GTA 4) or one of the best games ever (with the magic of Vice City for example when that came out I can remember it being WAY ahead of its time) I am prepared to wait, plus don’t want all these nasty bugs like on MP 3 because they rush it out. Have patience people!

  • Davidzx

    With a game like GTA, Rockstar doesn’t need to worry about creating hype or a buzz using delay tactics – a game is a game – people will buy it regardless even if it turns out crap